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Now in case of theft of mobile-vehicle, the complainant need not eat.

The police department is also seen in active mode to check the increasing incidents of vehicle-mobile theft in the state. Now the police department is also working with new technology to nab the criminals. In today’s digital age, the police department is also being equipped with technical difficulties. People have benefited a lot from the use of technology. You can also find information on crimes reported in your area from an online website. The government has made the F, I, R portal available to the public. An online FIR can be lodged in the local police station, which will save the vehicle owner. The name of the complaint is e-FIR in which the Investigating Officer will contact the complainant and will receive information within 48 hours in which the complainant will receive theft through SMS e-mail. Will report the vehicle to the police commission responsibly prescribed e_FIR Inspector of Police. may come

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