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Not opposing the Agneepath project in Gujarat, the actor said the people of Gujarat should join the army.

Violence is being witnessed in many states of the country regarding Agneepath projects. Especially in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. But no protest was seen in Gujarat.

In a tweet on social media, Bollywood actor Kamal R Khan told him that 99 percent of the people of Gujarat are not in the army. Many people have given their feedback in their estimates and at the same time many people have presented their views.

Rohit Thakor, available on social media, wrote that those who do nothing in life today are contemplating the benefits of fire. Many people have asked this Bollywood actor that how long will you keep posting like this for money.

Then another user appreciated you for this tweet and also another youth said that some Gujarati people take big loan from a bank and run away abroad, what is the point of joining army for them.

Let us tell you that the protest against the Agneepath scheme is going on all over the country and some students of Bihar have set the bus and train on fire. The government is being pressurized by the youth to take back the decision immediately.

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