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No trucker needed! You’ll Know Who’s Calling You Without Any App

Truecaller is the most popular app. Everyone is using this app. The special thing is that this app tells you who is calling you. Opens the complete horoscope of unknown number and shows on the screen. It detects spam calls. Imagine if something happened that caused you to find out who’s calling for free without an app? Let us tell you that in the coming time such a feature can be released for all of us and TRAI is also planning for it.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is working on a feature that will help all smartphone users in the country to avoid spam calls. A TRAI official says that TRAI is looking at creating a system that will allow service providers to show who is calling.

The system that TRAI is planning to work on will be based on KYC details of the smartphone user. This new caller ID feature will work on the permission of the users and not mandatory. Customers of telecom companies can choose whether they want their names to be displayed or not.

Let us tell you that the discussion is going on right now and TRAI will soon issue a consultation paper related to it and then release its fine print. If this feature comes, then apps like Truecaller will not have to be used.

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