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No one will know when you are ‘online’ on WhatsApp! The new update surprised the users

If something happens that you chat late at night on WhatsApp and no one even knows that you are online, then how good! If you also want something similar, then let us know that WhatsApp is rolling out a new update so that you can hide your ‘online status’ from your contacts. This way, you can use WhatsApp whenever you want and your friends, relatives or office people won’t even notice, they won’t bother you. Let’s know about this new update.

A recent report by WABetaInfo states that WhatsApp is working on a new update that will come with a great privacy feature. Under this update, WhatsApp users will be able to hide their ‘online status’. You can choose which of your contacts can be seen when you are online. You do not need any third party app for this, it will be done through your WhatsApp settings.

For your information, let us tell you that the feature of hiding your online status will work like the privacy option of ‘Last Seen’ and ‘Profile Picture’. According to a screenshot from a report by WABetaInfo, who can view online status, you can choose between two options, one ‘Everyone’ and one ‘Last seen as’. This means that no matter who can see your ‘Last View’ option you select, the same setting will apply to ‘Online Status’ as well.

Let us know when this next update of WhatsApp can be released and which users will be able to use it. Let us tell you that according to a report by WABetaInfo, this feature can be released first for iOS and then for Android and desktop users.

Currently, this feature is in the works, but whenever it is released, it will be released first for WhatsApp beta users and then for the rest of the users.

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