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No hospital, no food, mourning from Corona in Shanghai


Coronavirus in China: The situation of coronavirus in China is getting worse. On Monday, 16,412 infected people came to the fore. This is the first time since the outbreak that China has seen so many patients in a single day.

The worst-case scenario is in Shanghai, which is called the economic capital. There is a complete lockdown here. People are not allowed to leave the house without any reason. A person can leave the house only in case of medical emergency.

Mass testing was also done in Shanghai on Monday to detect corona. All 26 million people were tested here. Health officials in Shanghai are conducting nucleic acid tests on people. The chances of getting a false result in this test are negligible, because even a little bit of covid can be detected.

Shanghai’s local administration said on Monday that strict measures were being taken and people were asked to stay indoors. No one is allowed to leave the house under any circumstances except for medical emergency. The administration said that all the people have been investigated on Monday. Health workers from different provinces were called for mass testing.

Know how dangerous the new XE variant of Corona is, so far 600 patients have been found

Troops have also been deployed in Shanghai to control the situation in Corona. More than two thousand army personnel are present here. A man in Shanghai told the news agency that army planes were constantly landing at the airport near his house.

He said that the army is coming here from March 28 and 29. He said people whose homes were near the airport could not sleep through the night due to the constant noise of army planes.

Zhang Jin, a resident of Puxi, a low-lying Shanghai area, told the news agency that some policemen carrying weapons were stationed outside his society because the elderly were out of control. He said that they (the army) had received orders that if something happened in Shanghai there would be a major incident, so they were asked to maintain order.

Lack of space in hospitals, lack of ambulances

An audio went viral on 2 April amid the ongoing Corona crisis in Shanghai. The conversation took place between a man and a member of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In the viral audio, a CDC member was saying, “I want to tell you that the hospital wards are very full, there is no space in the isolation center, there are no ambulances because hundreds of calls are coming in.” met.’ Questioning the zero-covid policy, he said that it has changed the image of Shanghai in the world.

During the conversation, the member also said, “Now the positive test is also being called negative. Our professionals and experts are going crazy because nobody listens to them.

A new subtype of corona has become a threat in China, no symptoms yet seen

running out of food

People are now getting upset due to the zero-coward policy of Chinese President Xi Jinping. The people here have nothing left to eat and drink. One woman said she was very upset. His heart rate has increased.

A man living in Shanghai is telling his story on Twitter. People say that their food is running out. Now stocks are falling in supermarkets and shops as well.

A person from Shanghai told the news agency that the deliverymen were also being kept in isolation camps. Any delivery from any other province is banned in Shanghai.

Current affairs commentator Si Leung said that if the trucks were coming into Shanghai, it would be difficult for them to exit. That’s why companies are shying away from providing logistics. He says that the Chinese government has delegated every aspect of handling the pandemic to the bureaucracy, which has not taken into account the needs of the people.

The infection is ‘disappearing’!

The infected are now ‘disappearing’ in Shanghai. There is no room for separation. That’s why they are being sent elsewhere. Commentator Chen Feng told the news agency that the infected were being forcibly sent to Zhejiang and Jiangsu, adjacent to Shanghai.

He said that thousands of people are being sent to every province. In a province like Henan, 900 people are being sent. He said the same model was adopted during the lockdown in Wuhan and Xi’an and later in Jilin.

Not only this, Shanghai-based pathologist Zheng Wenhong has not been seen in public since March 23. It is feared that he has been removed from his post. Zheng questioned the zero-covid policy on social media.

Lin Xiaosu, a former US military virologist, said that Zheng’s views on Kovid were similar to those of international experts, but China sticks to its so-called zero-covid policy because everything is determined by politics here.



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