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New model of BMW M2 will be launched in October, know the specifications of the car

BMW has announced that their second generation M2 will be officially launched in October this year. The car will also get a real wheel drive configuration with a manual gearbox. It is said that this will be the last M model car to be based entirely on the internal combustion engine (ICE).

The car will be powered by the S58 3.0 liter straight six engine that will generate 450 horsepower. The engine will come mated to an 8-speed Steptronit automatic or a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Performance and Specifications
The company says that the performance of the new M2 will be similar to the previous M-2 CS. The new M2 will be based on the second series Ku which was first announced in 2021. It will get M-specific suspension. Apart from this, you will also get big brakes, reverse chassis and performance based interior in this vehicle. It will have bigger wheels and tires with extra grip. It will have a bucket seat so that the passenger remains in his seat.

What will be the cost?
BMW has not made a formal announcement about its price yet, but according to the information, its price can be around Rs 40-42 lakh. The new BMW M2 will be almost identical to the M240i in terms of styling. Apart from this, the headlights are expected to be similar. The company has also recently shared pictures of the car testing on its Instagram.

company statement
Speaking to Beamer, BMW M Division CEO Frank van Mael said the new M2 will be a great driving machine. That said, you’ll see electric dominance on BMW’s vehicles, starting with a 48-volt electric system and then moving on to plug-in hybrid models and a fully electric car. “If we look at it, the M2 will be the last vehicle to run entirely on a combustion engine,” he said. The car is expected to hit the international showrooms in the last half of 2022. Apart from this, BMW is planning to show the first glimpse of another car M3 at the Goodwood Festival to be held in June.

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