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New Features Coming to Whatsapp in 2023: Pip for Video Calls, Texts That Can Be Read Once, Calls on the Web, and More

WhatsApp is continually adding new features. Last year, the corporation added security features. Message Yourself, which showed profile images of people and groups, was the 2022 highlight.

This year, WhatsApp may add capabilities to improve voice, video, and message quality. WhatsApp may add these features this year: Here is a list of the new features that will be added to WhatsApp in the next few months of 2023.

  • iOS Now Has Picture-in-picture for Video Calls

The PIP mode lets users do more than one thing at once and switch between apps while on a WhatsApp video call. With this feature, the video call window can be shrunk down to a small window that can be moved anywhere on the phone screen while using other apps.

This feature is already available to Android users, and it will soon be available to iOS users as well. WABetaInfo says that WhatsApp has been testing the new feature for the past month and has now made it available to some iOS beta testers. But soon, all iPhone users will be able to use it when the app is updated.

  • View Text Once

Like the view once media feature, WhatsApp will soon allow users to send text messages that will be automatically deleted once the receipt is opened and the message is seen. Users will also be able to keep their text conversations private and securely share sensitive information with this feature. The feature is currently in development and will be available for beta testing soon.

  • Companions Mode

At the moment, WhatsApp doesn’t let people use the same account on more than one device. But soon, with the Companion mode, users will be able to link and sync their WhatsApp data and use the same profile on multiple phones.

Users will even be able to use the same WhatsApp profile on both an iPhone and an Android phone at the same time. Some Android beta testers can use the Companion Mode feature right now, and everyone should be able to use it soon through app updates.

  • Look for Messages by the Date

This news story has been in the news for a long time. Users will be able to find and scroll back to the exact conversation from a certain date by searching for messages by date. The feature is currently being tested in beta, and everyone should be able to use it in the coming months.

  • Voice Notes on the Status

A new status feature is also likely to be added to WhatsApp. Users will be able to share voice notes on Status, just like they can share photos, videos, and links.


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  • Screen Lock for Whatsapp on Desktop

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will let users set a password to protect their desktop app. WhatsApp users on Android and iOS can already set a security code to open the app. Soon, WhatsApp users on the web will also be able to set a security pin for their desktop app. The feature is being worked on right now, and it should be available for both Windows and macOS in the next few months.

  • Calls Tab on Whatsapp Desktop

WhatsApp’s desktop app will soon have a tab just for calls. Users will be able to track their WhatsApp calls and sync the data with their mobile and web apps. In the sidebar of the WhatsApp app, users will see a tab for their class. Some of the beta versions of WhatsApp for Windows already have this feature.

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