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New Artificial Intelligence Retail Tools from Google Cloud

In the latest changes to Google Cloud, Google is adding personalised search to ecommerce sites.

Google Cloud is releasing four new and updated AI tools that will make online shopping easier for customers and help stores keep track of their inventory.

  • A customized way to search and browse on eCommerce sites.
  • A way to check what’s on store shelves that uses AI.
  • An AI-driven product recommendation system.
  • A tool that helps put products on websites in the right order by using machine learning.

Here’s more information about each new tool.

Personalized Search & Browsing For Ecommerce Sites

Google Cloud has released an AI-based tool that lets customers customize what they see when they search and look around an eCommerce website. The technology improves the features of Google Cloud’s existing Retail Search solution, making online shopping easier and more seamless.

The AI system behind this new tool can figure out what customers like by watching what they do, like what they look at, put in their carts, and buy. It uses this information to change the search results and put products in order of importance, making the experience more tailored to you. The customization is only for the store’s website and has nothing to do with what the customer does on Google.

AI-Based Product Sorting For Ecommerce Sites

Google Cloud is putting out a new AI-powered tool for eCommerce sites that will make it easier to browse and find products. When shoppers choose a category on a retailer’s site, this feature uses machine learning to figure out the best way to put the products in order.

Traditionally, e-commerce sites have sorted product results by category best-seller lists or by hand-made collections, like choosing which clothes to feature based on the season.

Google’s AI-powered system takes a new approach to how products are sorted by using data from the past. This can make the ad more relevant, accurate, and likely to sell. As part of Google Cloud’s Discovery AI solutions for retailers, retailers can now use this tool.

AI-Driven Product Recommendations

Changes to how Google Cloud’s Recommendations work AI can make eCommerce sites even more personalized, dynamic, and helpful for each customer. With a new feature called “page-level optimization,” the site can now recommend products to shoppers in real-time.

This can cut down on the need for testing the user experience, which can take a lot of time and can increase user engagement and sales. Also, a new feature for optimizing revenue uses machine learning to make product suggestions that are more useful, which could increase revenue per user session.

The machine learning model, which was made in partnership with DeepMind, looks at the product categories, item prices, and user behavior on an e-commerce site to find the best balance between keeping customers happy and making more money.

Lastly, a new “buy it again” model uses what a customer has bought before to suggest what they might buy next. All retailers who use Google Cloud can now use these new tools.

AI-Powered Shelf Checking For Retail Stores

Retailers have been using different shelf-checking technologies for a while, but their success has been limited by the amount of money needed to develop AI models that can tell the difference between products and put them into groups. Google Cloud has released an AI solution for checking shelves that will help retailers identify products of all types at scale based only on visual and text features.

The tool turns the data into actionable insights that can improve product availability, make it easier to see what’s in stock, and figure out where restocks are needed. This technology is still in the testing phase, but it will soon be available to retailers everywhere. Google says that a retailer’s data and images are still theirs, and the AI can only be used to recognize products and price tags.

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