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Netflix Has Unveiled Its Turkish Slate, Which Includes Four New Original Series

Netflix has revealed its upcoming Turkish production slate, which includes four new original series and a feature film. Pelin Diştaş, Director of Original Content (Turkey), made the announcement at a preview event in Turkey, saying that all projects would begin production soon and be available on streaming platforms in 2024.

The new series Asaf, created and directed by zgür nurme, tells the story of an ordinary Uber driver with strong moral values who tries to get his life back on track after his divorce from his wife and son. An unfortunate accident changes Asaf’s life forever when he becomes a pawn in the hands of the wrong people. Idea Film will produce the series.

The Town, directed by Seren Yüce and written by Deniz Karaolu and Dou Yaşar Akal for Bir Film, will be available on the streaming service. According to the synopsis, the series is about two brothers who grew apart over time but reconnected in their small hometown after their mother died.

They find themselves trapped in a game of cat and mouse, squeezed between a rock and a hard place, after discovering bags full of cash in the trunk of a crashed vehicle with their loyal childhood friend. Will they give up on their dreams or take the one and only chance to change their lives?

Berkun Oya (Ethos), which has yet to be named, will also make its debut on the platform. The series will follow the journey of a nuclear family over several decades. The unconventional narrative structure will allow viewers to immerse themselves in a realm of unique reality that includes life and before, death, and beyond as we witness the family members confront and defy both one another and the society surrounding them.

Ece Yörenç will write the final new series, currently titled Kimler Geldi Kimler Geçti, which will follow a “extreme love” story with complicated relationships and high energy. This is the story of various characters from a few weddings ago, or right after the “first love,” sometimes in the “bench,” sometimes in the “ghost,” some on the run, others on the chase, caught up in teases in search of relationships, according to the synopsis.

Ash, Diştaş’s sole feature film announcement, will be directed by Erdem Tepegöz and produced by Ay Yapm. It will tell the story of a wealthy, married woman who falls in love with a mysterious carpenter, which leads to a series of conflicts. The cast includes Mehmet Günsür, Funda Eryiit, and Alperen Durmaz.

“To date, we have produced more than 30 original series and films in Turkey, making room for new and diverse stories,” Diştaş said in announcing the new projects. We would like to express our gratitude to our writers, producers, directors, actors, and technical and set teams for their tireless efforts and contributions to our continued success in Turkey. Together, we convey to the world the spirit, depth, poetry, music, and wit of Turkish culture.”

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