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Netflix Has Confirmed Season 2 of the Empress!

The Empress Season 2 is now available on Netflix, which is great news for fans of the German series who have been waiting for it. This announcement follows the many disappointing cancellations of several series on the platform that were not given another chance despite the fact that their fans were eagerly awaiting news of their renewal.

The first season of the series, starring Devrim Lingnau, Philip Froissant, Melika Foroutan, Johannes Nusbaum, and others, premiered on Netflix on September 29, 2022, with six episodes.

The series threaded the events that led her to step into the Viennese Court despite the many vehement oppositions directed at her, telling the true story of a historical empire’s past led by the Austrian Empress Elisabeth in her early days.

The series quickly rose to the top 10 trending shows on Netflix, and the series owes its success to its own cast, who brilliantly brought these historical public figures to life. Devrim Lingnau took command of her portrayal of the titular protagonist right away and made us fall in love with her. The overall presentation of the show is critical in setting the tone for the empire’s aristocratic face.

Season 1 was primarily concerned with Elisabeth’s marriage to Froissant Emperor Franz Joseph I, which had its own set of ups and downs due to the schemes devised by Elisabeth’s in-laws against them.

While Elisabeth’s mother-in-law, Princess Sophie of Bavaria, played by Melika Foroutan, shared her ambitious vigor with her daughter-in-disposition, the law’s the two never saw eye to eye. Princess Sophie even devised a scheme to depose the new Empress from the palace.

Archduke Maximilian, played by Johannes Nussbaum, on the other hand, has had his own disdain for the family since his brother has crowned Emperor. Throughout the season, he’s had a complicated relationship with him, wanting to rise to prominence in his mother’s eyes and thus usurp the throne, while also harboring feelings for Elisabeth.

Each character contributed to the storyline by channeling their own ideas about court politics. With the series returning soon for the next season, we can expect it to pick up where we left off, with Elisabeth discovering she’s finally pregnant and accepting her role as Empress of the People, someone who won’t be easily swayed by grand conspiracies at work against her.

The first season of the show is already available on Netflix, and the second season’s release date will be announced soon.

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