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Neither love nor enmity more than anyone in life

Valmiki ji has given us some such teachings related to life through Ramayana, by adopting which all the troubles of life can be avoided. Valmiki has tried to explain with the help of shlokas in Kishkindha Kand and Yuddhakand of Ramayana that with whom one should befriend and should not love or hate anyone excessively. So let us know the shlokas of Valmikiji and how the meaning of these shlokas can help us in life.

Verse 1: Enthusiasm prevails. Enthusiasm is not rare in the world.

Meaning of this verse: Through this verse Valmiki has shown the importance of enthusiasm in life. According to Valmiki there is nothing more than enthusiasm in life and an enthusiastic person can achieve everything in his life.

The second verse is Nirutsahasya Dinasya Shokaparyakulatmanah. Sarvartha Vyavasidanti Vyasanam Chadhigachachati

The meaning of this verse is: Avoid over-zealousness in life, because over-zealousness spoils everything in life. Not only this, you can also do welding with the help of fire. According to Valmiki, excessive enthusiasm in life can cause trouble.

The third verse is: nigunah svajanah shreyanyah parah par iva sah.

The meaning of this verse is: Ours is ours. No matter how bad it is. No matter how good people are outside their relatives or family members, we always support our loved ones, whom we consider to be the best.

Fourth verse is not over-love: karma: duty is over-love, both the big faults are visible.

The meaning of this verse is: Not to be enmity with anyone and not to fight with anyone or to love too much in life, is sorrow.

The fifth verse is either poor or miserable or happy. Beleh cha sadoshah cha vaisyah supreme speedah

The meaning of this verse is: It is very important to have friends in life. Whoever the friend is, he is the support of life and helps in bad times.

The sixth verse wasset saha saptanen krudhan aashi vishan ch. Not even you, friend Pravden Samvachatraun.

The meaning of this verse is: The person, the enemy and the great God may be with the serpent, but he will never be with a man who calls himself a friend. But inside he makes enemies in the name of friend.

Shlok 7 sa brothers.

Meaning of this verse: Through this verse Valmiki says that a friend is one who helps his friend in times of distress. Whereas a true friend is one who helps a friend who is on the wrong path.

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