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My Unorthodox Life Season 2 Trailer is Out and Will Be Released in This Winter!

The second season of My Unorthodox Life is coming out this winter. Put on your best catsuit and make an appointment to get your hair done. The businesswoman Julia Haart’s reality show will start up again on Friday, December 2, with nine episodes that are each an hour long. The first photos and trailer for the new season show that Julia and the rest of her family are in for both glamour and heartbreak.

In the first season of My Unorthodox Life, we met a woman who used to be a strict Jewish wife and is now the CEO of a top modeling agency. In Season 2, Haart is in a very different place. She is no longer CEO of Elite, and she has filed for divorce from her business mogul husband, Silvio Scaglia.

“Silvio fired me,” she says with shock in her voice in the trailer. “It’s already in the news. He stopped me from getting my email. He removed my name from the credit cards. He has completely lost his mind.”

Now, Julia has to fight to keep control of the business empire she helped build, all while taking care of a family that is still trying to get used to a new way of life.

One of the first pictures from Season 2 shows Julia leaning on her kids for support during a hard time, which is a good sign. But the rest of the pictures show that Julia’s life is not all bad, even though she and her boyfriend broke up. In one picture, Julia proudly poses with her daughters Miriam and Batsheva, who are all dressed in bright clothes. She kisses her daughter at the tennis court in another.

Season 2 will be no less dramatic, with Julia reconnecting with Batsheva, guiding Miriam in her first committed relationship, and counseling her son Aron as he makes important decisions concerning his education. The teaser also says Julia will be visited by two reality star pals, one of whom is no stranger to Bling and the other who has always been a Real Housewife if you get our meaning.

Tune in this December to find out more about the Haarts’ unconventional twists and turns.

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