December 3, 2022
Google પર છોકરાઓ સૌથી વધારે આ વસ્તુ કરે છે સર્ચ, સામે આવ્યા ચોંકાવનારા પરિણામ

If you use the Internet, you’ll probably use Google to search for anything. With Google, you can find all kinds of information quickly. Google deletes most of the data. But sometimes Google has enough data left. So recently a report came on social media in which most of the boys do this search on Google.

Most of the boys do this search on Google shocking

According to a report, boys search themselves the most on Google. About 5% of boys do a search every year to see if they are infertile. Apart from this, boys are most searched for growing beard and hair in Google. Along with this, some people also use Google for weight loss and weight loss.

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You will be surprised to know that boys do a lot of search on Google regarding breast cancer. This disclosure is very shocking because this cancer is found only in women.

This means that some boys search more about girls and take different tips from Google to find and impress them.

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