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Mistakenly Anti-virus software Malwarebytes blocks Google and YouTube

Popular anti-virus that’s used by millions of people around the globe mistakenly blocked all Google sites and services on Wednesday due to a mistake. 

On Wednesday morning Malwarebytes flagged Google and its Youtube domains as malicious, blocking users from accessing a whole range of websites.

As many shared, they were swarmed by a barrage of malware notifications, all pointing to various websites on subdomains tagged as containing malware. 

Malwarebytes quickly picked up on what was going on and explained in a tweet published in response to the stream of user reports that this was caused by a temporary issue affecting a web filtering component module in the company’s security products.

About an hour later, the company announced that the issue is now resolved and issued a software update. 

However, some people are still reporting problems. If you’re experiencing issues, try to update your copy of Malwarebytes.

If still, you are unable to access Google then by turning off “Web Protection” within the antivirus app you can access Google. You’ll find that option under “Real Time Protection” in the lower right of the app. 

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