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Who is Michelle Phan Boyfriend in 2023? Are Michelle and Dominique Keep Going Strong?


Michelle Phan is a world-acclaimed YouTuber famous for her beauty and cosmetics tutorials. Her growing popularity on various social media platforms has led her to pursue a variety of additional interesting opportunities, including collaborating with high-profile beauty brands like L’Oreal to develop her own line of beauty goods.

Her self-titled YouTube channel is followed by more than 8.9 million people, having begun her career as a blogger and later branched out to YouTube, which eventually helped her to obtain maximum visibility. Her love of fashion, beauty, and education has earned her one of YouTube’s most subscribed channels.

Quick Facts

Name Michelle Phan
Date of birth: April 11, 1987,
Birthplace Boston, MA
Nationality: American
Profession: Entrepreneur
Net Worth $50 million

Who is Michelle Phan and All About Her Early Life?

Michelle Phan was born in Boston, Massachusetts on April 11, 1987. Her parents were Vietnamese refugees, and her family was forced to move multiple times due to her father’s gambling. Michelle’s father left after the family moved to Tampa, Florida. Jennifer, her mother, remarried but later divorced Phan’s stepfather after years of violence. Jennifer, a nail technician, later founded her own manicure parlor, where Michelle spent a large portion of her childhood.

Michelle Phan Boyfriend

Despite her mother’s wishes, Phan enrolled in art school after graduating from Tampa Bay Technical High School. Michelle had to drop out of Ringling College of Art and Design due to financial difficulties, but the school honored her with an Honorary Doctorate of Arts in 2014.

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Who is Michelle Phan Dating?

Dominique Capraro is Michelle Phan’s current boyfriend. The couple began dating in 2010 and have been together for almost 13 years, one month, and fourteen days. Dominique and Michelle originally met in a Persian Cafe in Paris in 2010, and their romance began soon after.

Her first visit to Paris was in 2010, and she went to tour the city, unaware she was about to meet a person who would transform her life.

Their first meeting was also extremely amusing. Michelle recalls in the film being unable to order because the menu was entirely in French, at which point Dominique arrived to assist her.

Dominique and Michelle hit it off right away, and the two ended up conversing for hours in the cafe. It sounds like a Watpadd romance that everyone wishes for, and it’s difficult not to feel envious of them.

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Michelle and Dominique Were in a Long-distance Relationship for Two Years

Their first meeting was a sweet story, but the start of their relationship wasn’t always smooth. Michelle and Dominique had to deal with a two-year long-distance romance.

But their love was strong enough to overcome any hurdles that occurred during the course of their romance. In her video, Michelle also discussed how she managed all of this.

Michelle Phan Boyfriend

One of her techniques was to keep in touch despite the distance and time difference between Europe and America. True, love may motivate us to do anything.

There hasn’t been any conflict between them throughout their ten-year partnership. That’s fantastic since Michelle and Dominique are the ideal #PowerCouple and the most attractive couple in Hollywood, not to mention the wealthiest couple. They choose a low-key relationship because they appreciate their privacy.

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Michelle Phan’s Boyfriend, Dominique has changed his Instagram account to private. Michelle, on the other hand, makes her account public and regularly publishes about her life there, but she doesn’t divulge too much about her relationship on Instagram.

Michelle instead shares more about her life with Dominique on her YouTube channel. But don’t get your hopes up because she made certain that what she puts on her videos isn’t too personal for her or Dominique.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Marital Status of Michelle Phan?

Michelle Phan is dating Dominique Capraro.

How Many Relationships Did Michelle Phan Have?

Michelle Phan had been involved in only one previous relationship.

Michelle Phan Has How Many Children?

She does not have any kids.

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