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MARRIAGETOXIN Chapter 51 Release Date: When Will New Chapter Be Out?


The manga “MARRIAGETOXIN” is written by Joumyakun and drawn by YODA Mizuki. The story is about Gero, a young guy who is part of a clan of hitmen that has been around for a long time. Gero has lived in the shadows his whole life, so he thinks he has no chance with women and doesn’t want to get married.

But everything changes when his clan gives him an ultimatum: if he doesn’t get married and have a child, his little sister might have to do something she doesn’t want to do. Gero needs a solution, so he makes a special offer to the marriage scammer, who is the goal of his current job.

The two odd couples set out on a difficult and exciting mission to find a marriage that will keep Gero’s family’s history alive. The story is about love, suffering, and how far someone will go to protect their loved ones as they face many problems, both inside and outside of themselves. The manga “MARRIAGETOXIN” is exciting and exciting to read because it has action, romance, and the subtleties of family relationships.

When Will Marriagetoxin Chapter 51 Be Out?

Chapter 51 of MARRIAGETOXIN is set to come out on June 13, 2023. Let’s look at when MARRIAGETOXIN Chapter 51 comes out in different places:

Time Zone Date Time
Central European Time (CET) June 14 4:00 pm
British Standard Time (BST) June 14 3:00 pm
Eastern Standard Time (EST) June 14 10:00 am
Pacific Standard Time (PST) June 14 7:00 am
Central Standard Time (CST) June 14 9:00 am
Indian Standard Time (IST) June 14 8:30 pm
Philippine Standard Time (PST) June 14 11:00 pm
Australian Central Standard Time (ACST) June 15 12:30 am

Review of Marriagetoxin Chapter 50

The chapter starts with a beautiful color page that grabs readers’ attention right away. This part of MARRIAGETOXIN is exciting and beautiful to look at. Gero’s interest is immediately sparked when the page splits in a clever way to show both himself and the different girls he has met.

Many things about this chapter stand out, like Gero’s anger, which readers can relate to. It’s beautiful to see how well his feelings are reflected in the story, which makes the readers long for Akari’s girlfriend. This amount of connection between the main character and the audience pulls readers deeper into the story.

MARRIAGETOXIN Chapter 51 Release Date

The fact that Kinosaki dresses as a girl gives the story an interesting new twist. It’s interesting to see how he manages to keep up his female image, which he seems to enjoy. The idea that his brother might have broken into a historic building makes people wonder about possible secrets. The author makes the reader wonder if something strange is going to happen to him, which gives the story a sense of fear.

Teruaki shows up in a mysterious and creepy way, which adds an element of surprise. Even though some of what he does is questionable, his presence helps keep the peace during the brothers’ time together. Teruaki’s complicated personality shines through when he thinks he would be the best match for Hikaru but ignores her ideas. This selfish and crazy trait gives him depth and makes him an interesting villain.

Where Can I Read Chapter 51 of Marriagetoxin Online?

Fans can read MARRIAGETOXIN Chapter 51 on Manga Plus, which has an English version of the interesting series. Manga Plus adds new material every week, so fans can read this exciting chapter as soon as it comes out. The story of MARRIAGETOXIN, a free manga on the website, continues to keep fans interested.

Until the premiere of MARRIAGETOXIN Chapter 51, there are lots of other shows to keep you occupied from the same genre. Taming Master Chapter 107, Lost in the Cloud Chapter 77, and many more come under this category.


The manga “MARRIAGETOXIN” is about Gero, a young guy who is part of a clan of hitmen who is given an ultimatum to get married and have a child. It is about love, suffering, and how far someone will go to protect their loved ones. Kinosaki dresses as a girl and Teruaki’s mysterious presence helps keep the peace during the brothers’ time together.

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