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Malishka’s Confession Leaves Bhagya Lakshmi in Shock: Written Update for April 9th, 2023


Malishka and Lakshmi compete by dancing to a song. Rano arrives and finds them blissfully dancing like two best friends. She believes they are too drunk to dance together as best friends. She refers to it as “free circus entertainment.” Kiran expresses concern to Sonal that something horrible is about to happen. She is concerned that Malishka may enrage Neelam. She requests that Sonal intervene and prevent Malishka from making any major blunders. Sonal goes to confront Malishka. She throws Malishka into the pool of water to bring her back to reality. Malishka does not make sense. Sonia informs Karishma that Lakshmi is causing them embarrassment. Malishka will be free of her intoxication soon, according to Shalu, and their scheme will fail.

Malishka Vows to Do Anything for Rishi’s Happiness

Malishka is still buzzed. She drags Sonal into the water and starts playing with her. Lakshmi is invited to join them. She claims that Lakshmi is not her adversary. Shalu chastises her and tells her that Malishka considers Lakshmi to be her adversary because she can do anything for Rishi. Malishka says she will do everything for him. Bani asks if she can do what is right and wrong for him. Malishka, according to Shalu, can give her life, and scheme, and trap someone. Lakshmi claims that she can also capture Rishi. She feels nothing happened that day because Rishi is decent and he can’t breach his limitations. Rishi inquires as to what she is saying. Lakshmi explains that Malishka had framed Rishi. Shalu requests that Malishka tell them what she can do for Rishi.

Malishka says she would give her life for Rishi; she wanted to save Rishi from the fire but couldn’t, but Lakshmi did. She expresses regret to Neelam and Rishi. She says she is willing to devote her life for his sake. Shalu claims that Malishka misled Rishi and Lakshmi that day and made them believe her. Malishka inquires as to what they are discussing. She claims that they are telling the truth, that nothing happened that day, and that she is correct. Sonal is concerned that Malishka revealed the truth and destroyed herself. She believes that Neelam would slap Malishka and that Rishi will never see her face again.

Lakshmi bhagya

Malishka claims that Rishi was unharmed that day because Lakshmi saved him from the flames. She expresses gratitude to Lakshmi for saving Rishi’s and her own lives. She embraces Lakshmi. She alters her remarks and does not tell the truth about what happened that night. Sonal is overjoyed. Shalu and Bani are concerned that Malishka has refused to accept the reality. Malishka believes she was intoxicated when she walked out of the water; she knew Shalu and Bani’s motivations and played a game with them. Through her amazing drama, she teaches them a lesson. Malishka is looked after by Neelam. She requests that Rishi accompany Malishka inside. Malishka loves Rishi a lot, and she feels guilty because she couldn’t save him. She chastises Lakshmi for making them seem bad with her inebriated antics. Malishka is overjoyed to hear this.

Lakshmi says she’ll transform into a helicopter and fly Malishka away. Rishi explains that Lakshmi is elevated due of someone else’s misbehavior, not her own. He requests that Neelam refrains from reprimanding Lakshmi. He brings Malishka along. Shalu and Bani try to calm Lakshmi down. Kiran chastises them for attempting to incriminate Malishka and for provoking her. She wonders why Malishka would betray her trust. Shalu claims that Malishka can lie to them and that Kiran may be engaged in the deception.

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She demonstrates her trust in Rishi. She said she wants to know the truth. Neelam inquires of Shalu whether she spiked the Thandai. Shalu claims to have attempted but failed. Neelam chastises them. Virender claims that it was not their fault and that they wanted to protect their sister. Neelam requests that he ask Lakshmi the truth. Because of Shalu and Bani, a fight has erupted. Neelam warns them and urges them to stop talking. Rano intervenes to defend her nieces. She claims that Shalu and Bani are willing to go to any length to save their sister’s life.

Rishi Expresses Regret to Malishka

Rano invites Shalu and Bani to accompany her. Shalu is concerned about Lakshmi. Neelam brings Lakshmi along. Dadi assures Shalu and Bani that she would handle everything. She invites them to accompany Rano. Ayush has yet to be found. Rishi expresses regret to Malishka. He claims he had no idea she was still feeling terrible for failing to save his life. Malishka is overjoyed that her Holi has become memorable. He takes care of her. Neelam requests that Lakshmi remain in the room and not leave. Lakshmi recalls her mother doing the same thing. Neelam claims that she is not her mother and will never be one.

Laxmi bhagya

Lakshmi passes out. Rishi is informed by Neelam that she has left Lakshmi in her room. She asks him not to meet Lakshmi until she quiets down. He confirms. Karishma, Kiran, and Sonal are enraged at Lakshmi and her sisters for capturing Malishka in their evil scheme. Dadi claims that even though Lakshmi was drunk, she told the truth and did not disrespect anyone. She doesn’t believe Karishma understands Lakshmi. Neelam wonders what she’s saying and if Lakshmi is still decent even after she insulted her. Dadi tells Lakshmi that she is OK regardless of the circumstances. She orders Neelam not to chastise Lakshmi.

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Rishi wants to be with Lakshmi. He wants to see if she’s all right. He notices the Holi colors on his face and remembers his time with Lakshmi. He expresses that he cannot think of anyone other than Lakshmi. Lakshmi is close to his heart. He claims that love has the deepest hue and that it never fades. He remembers her saying she doesn’t love him. He doesn’t want to admit how much he adores Lakshmi. He places his palm over his heart and declares, “I love Lakshmi.” He is overcome with joy and smiles.

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