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Make Panchamrit Prasad on Janmashtami, the right way to make notes

Panchamrit Prasad

This year Sri Krishna Janmotsava Janmashtami is being celebrated on both August 18 and 19. After that Kanha’s devotees are busy preparing to decorate Kanha with Prasad. On the day of Janmashtami, Panchamrita Prasad is necessarily offered to Lord Sri Krishna.

Make Panchamrit Prasad on Janmashtami, the right way to make notes

which is then distributed among the people in the form of Prasad. Panchamrit is not only important from a religious point of view, eating it has many health benefits. Let’s know the right way to make panchamrit and its benefits.

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Significance of Panchamrita

Panchamrita includes five things, which have special importance from health and religious point of view. From a religious perspective, milk represents holiness and purity. So ghee is for strength and victory.

Honey is produced by bees, so it symbolizes dedication and concentration. The sweetness and pleasure of sugar, curd is considered a symbol of prosperity.

If we talk about health, eating it benefits a person a lot. Let’s know the right way to prepare Panchamrit and the health benefits of eating it.

Ingredients for Panchamrit Prasad

– Cow’s milk – 1 glass
-Cow curd – 1 glass
Cow ghee – 1 teaspoon
Honey – 3 tbsp
Sugar or sugar – according to taste
Chopped basil leaves – 10
Cut butter – dry fruits – 20

How to make Panchamrit Prasad

To prepare Panchamrit, first mix curd, milk, one spoon of honey, ghee and sugar in a bowl and churn it well. You can also run these things in a mixer if you want.

After that add 8 to 10 basil leaves and then add chopped butter and dry fruits. Your Panchamrita is ready to be offered to Sri Krishna.

Benefits of Panchamrit Prasad

1- It balances pitta dosha.According to Ayurveda, its consumption helps in balancing pitta dosha.
2-Panchamrit boosts immunity
Improves memory and enhances creativity.
4- It is also very beneficial for the skin.
5- Keeps hair healthy.
6- According to Ayurveda, consumption during pregnancy keeps both mother and fetus healthy.

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