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Make Motichoor Ladoo to serve Bappa on Ganesh Chaturthi, note the preparation method


Ganesh festival will start from 31st August i.e. Ganesh Chaturthi. Everyone celebrates this 10-day festival with enthusiasm. Those who bring Bappa’s idol home, decorate the house beautifully. A variety of dishes are also prepared for enjoyment. For bappa’s happiness you can make suji shira. Learn how to easily make this treat here.

Make Motichoor Ladoo to serve Bappa on Ganesh Chaturthi, note the preparation method

Ingredients for making Motichoor Ladoo

– 2 cups gram flour
1 teaspoon green cardamom
– ½ tsp food colouring
1 liter of milk
– Ghee 6 cups
– 1 pinch of baking soda
– Sugar 3 cups
– 4 cups of water

How to make Motichoor Ladoo

To make Motichoor Ladoo, first make sugar syrup. For this first place a large pan on medium flame, heat water in it, add sugar and stir till it dissolves completely.

After that let it boil and add milk and cook on low flame for 5 minutes.

If it foams during boiling, discard it. Then cook until a uniform consistency.

After that stir in cardamom powder and orange food color on low flame.

Now mix gram flour and milk in a large bowl until it becomes soft. Add baking soda to it and mix well.

Now heat ghee in a deep frying pan. Now, with the help of a ladle, make a hole right above the oil and pour some batter into it. Drop in hot oil and cook until golden and soft. Place it on a tissue to remove excess oil.

Now add it to the sugar syrup and mix well. Let it cool and make small and medium sized ladles out of it.

You can serve it immediately or store it in an airtight container and eat it later.

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