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Make Bundi laddus at home on Hanuman Jayanti


Sankatmochan Hanumanji, the ultimate devotee of Lord Rama, was born on the full moon day of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. This time Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated on 16 April (Saturday). Bajrangbali is the deity who removes the sufferings of his devotees. If Hanuman ji is pleased, he gives desired results. As per the law Hanumanji can be worshipped and boondi laddus can also be offered to him. If you want to make it, then we will tell you an easy recipe to make it. With the help of this recipe, you can make boondi ladoos in less time.

Ingredients for making Boondi Ladoo
All purpose flour – 250 grams
Sugar – 1 cup
Semolina – 50 grams
Cardamom powder – 2 tbsp
Chopped dry fruits – 1/2 cup
Sweet yellow color – 1 pinch
Sweet red color – 1 pinch
Desi Ghee – 300 grams

How to make Boondi Laddu
To make boondi ladoos, first take a bowl and mix gram flour and semolina in it. Mix them well. Keep in mind that semolina is to be added only when the gram flour is cured. Now prepare a solution by adding a little water to this mixture. It is better not to be too thin or too thick. Take out this solution well so that no lumps remain in it. After this keep the solution aside for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, to prepare sugar syrup, put sugar in a pan and mix equal amount of water in it. Then heat it on the gas. With the help of laddoos, dissolve sugar in water and let it cook. When the mixture starts boiling, cook it for 5 minutes. When sugar syrup is ready, add cardamom powder and sweet yellow color to it and mix well. Then turn off the gas.
Now start the process of making boondi. To do this, heat the pan on the gas and add desi ghee to it. When ghee melts, take gram flour pudding and fry it in hot oil with the help of spring while making boondi. Meanwhile, keep the flame of the gas high. It takes about 2 minutes to fry the boondi together. When the last solution of boondi remains, then add sweet red color to it and prepare red boondi from it.
Now put the prepared boondi in light hot sugar syrup and mix it well. Add finely chopped dry fruits and mix well. After this mix sugar in boondi and leave it for half an hour. After the prescribed time take boondi and tie the laddus with both the hands. After making laddus, keep it aside in a plate. Similarly prepare all the laddus. Boondi laddus are ready to offer Bajrangbali.

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Make Bundi laddus at home on Hanuman Jayanti



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