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Make a garland of black horseshoe, adopt this remedy


It is said that if the faith is true then the ocean is crossed. The same is true of rituals and the existence of God. No matter how strong and firm your faith is, this is the only thing that can be the solution to all your problems. And if you’ve lost your burnt cake, you’ll start asking for it again.

Religion: So about every religion there are some beliefs and some conditions but if we talk about Hinduism then we are worshiping Gods and Goddesses as well as nature and planets.

Hinduism: In Hinduism where nature is immersed in the darkness of human life, astrology is accepted as an ancient science, if we talk about the planets, it is the movement, movement, movement of the planets in the solar system. Position and space is what governs human life. ,

Nine Planets: Thus the effect of all the nine planets on our life is affecting it and it is known in future and present. But if any of these is considered more influential then it is Shani.

Shani Dev: Thus Shani Dev is considered the god of justice, but sometimes Shani’s tendency makes human life and difficult creations. This is the reason why almost everyone is afraid of Shani and Badi Kala of Shani.

Effective Remedy: But the way to please Shani Dev and get his grace has also been told in astrology. The most basic and effective remedy is to hold the horseshoe in the middle finger.

Kudrishti: A person wearing a VV made from the umbilical cord of a black horse is saved from the wrath of Shani and his kudrishti. Therefore, the person who is moving in Saturn’s Saturn, an astrologer asks him to wear a Vti made from the hoof of a black horse.

Problem Solving: Now let’s know which of these black horseshoes and which problems can solve your luck.

Lack of grain: According to experts, if you wrap black horseshoe in black cloth and keep it in the grain, then you will never face any shortage of grain.

Vault: By tying a black horseshoe in a black cloth in this way, keeping it in the vault will increase the wealth in your vault. “U”: The hoof of a black horse outside the main door of the house if it protects the house from evil eye and negative energy then it comes like the letter “U” in the English name.

Grace of Shani Dev: It is said that by doing this, the grace of Shani Dev remains on the people of the house. At the same time, he is also protected from witchcraft.

Pulley: Make a pulley from the horseshoe of a black horse.

Cabbage lentils: A nail is made from the stalk of a black horse and keeping it in one and a half kilograms of lentils, it is immersed in water in coconut juice, by doing this your health remains good.

Enemy Competition: If the hooves of a black horse are hung outside the shop, the sales in the shop will increase and you will also win the competition with the enemies. Slowly, things seem to be turning in your favor.

Family discord: Hanging the hoof of a black horse outside the house can remove family discord in the house and can also lead to economic progress of the house.

Madhyama: Wearing black horseshoe on the middle finger of the right hand on Saturday also improves your bad karma. Effective: Yes, actually this tactic is effective, your faith in it is sure.



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