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Lost in the Cloud Chapter 77 Release Date: What Will Happen Next?


When will you be releasing Lost In The Cloud Chapter 77? Adopting Cirrus and giving her a stepmother is in the works. His brothers are confused as to why he will be required to refer to her as “mother” although she is not biologically related to him.

They fear that, because stepmothers may be so cruel, she will refuse to feed him or will even send him to a shelter. They worry it will happen to them since they have seen similar ideas presented on television.

After hearing him say that his father no longer has any affection for him, they naturally want to know what he plans to do about it. Then, Rin proposed they inquire with her mom about him moving in permanently. The very concept of a shelter is foreign to him, and the experience has left him in tears.

He is respectful with the woman who would eventually become his stepmother. She went out and made dinner using the groceries she bought. Because she went grocery shopping with her neighbors and brought home an octopus, she also got to know them better.

The release date for Lost in the Cloud Chapter 77, a summary of what happened in the previous chapter, and other details are included in this article. If you want to know everything about it, you’ll have to scroll down and read the whole thing.

When And Where to Read Lost In The Cloud Chapter 77?

Lost in the Cloud Chapter 77 Release Date

Lost in the Cloud Chapter 77 will be released on May 26, 2023. In recent months, new chapters have been released on Fridays, which has been a consistent pattern. So, considering it’s already the weekend, the next episode won’t be too far away.

“Lost In The Cloud Chapter 77” may be found on the main website for Lezhin Comics Webtoon. The manhwa is also available in a variety of periodicals and other media in its home nations.

However, if you want to read the new sections as soon as they are released and do not live in the nation where the manhwa is published, you may have to go online.

As a result, always read Manhwa from official sources to show your support for the people who create it. At the moment, it doesn’t appear that the schedule will be altered, thus new chapters will be released as usual.

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What’s the plot of Lost In The Cloud?

Skylar has a secret hobby: he enjoys photographing Chan-il, the girl he likes. When Cirrus discovers Skylar’s cloud storage, which contains a big quantity of Chan-il’s images, things soon deteriorate. Skylar thought Cirrus would keep his secret safe at first, but he keeps getting into sticky circumstances that make him question Cirrus’ genuine motives.

What Happens in Lost in the Cloud Chapter 76?

This time, it appears that he has a caring stepmother because she was concerned that the curry she served for him was too spicy. He’s been worried the whole time and hasn’t spoken anything about his sports day.

But he’s relieved that his stepmother is nothing like the one Rin described. It was time for his father to leave so he could observe how his wife would treat her without her father.

Cirrus has been terrified for a long time due of Rin’s comments regarding stepmothers. And when his father left, he was so shy that he couldn’t even say goodbye to his father when his stepmother told him to.

So far, she appeared kind to Cirrus and even willing to play with him. He realized he was finally ready to talk about his sports day.

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