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Let’s get some information on what are the waterborne diseases that spread during the monsoon season and how to avoid them

The clocks are counting down for the monsoon season. Rumors have started that the monsoon season is slowly approaching. However, the monsoon season is particularly prone to waterborne diseases. It is important to know what are waterborne diseases and how to prevent them and what to do to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases so as not only to prevent waterborne diseases but also to maintain health and wellness.

When drinking water is contaminated and consumed, the risk of water-borne diseases increases. Contaminated water is a mixture of bacteria, viruses, proteases etc. When water is mixed, it is said to be contaminated.

Inadequate chlorination of drinking water, pipeline leakage, sewage mixing in drinking water can lead to water contamination in any area. Cholera, Jaundice, Typhoid, Diarrhea, Diarrhea-vomiting, Dysentery etc. are common waterborne diseases which are commonly seen around us. Cholera, typhoid and catarrhal dysentery are caused by bacteria. Whereas diarrhea-vomiting can be spread by bacteria and viruses. Jaundice is caused by a virus called hepatitis. and amoebic dysentery through protozoa.

To prevent the spread of these water-borne diseases and to maintain your health and well-being, we must do everything possible in your area to prevent the spread of this disease.

Accordingly, make sure the drinking water in your area is chlorinated and drink boiled and filtered drinking water. If water leakage is found at any place, then report it to the municipality or the concerned village/nagar panchayat for repair on war footing. It is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly before and after eating, do not eat outside. Eat, do not eat flies and always use vegetables and fruits only after washing dirty stale food, use chlorine tablets in drinking water in case of epidemic or contaminated sewer water. While chlorine tablet is available free of cost at every primary health centre, it should be brought and used.

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