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Learn Unity in Diversity! Muslim women continued the old tradition, cow aarti of Lord Ram


unity in diversity! Muslim women continued the old tradition, singing the aarti of Lord Ram
In Kashi, the city of religion, the festival of Ram Navami was a different sight, when Muslim women performed the aarti of Lord Shri Ram and gave the message of world peace. Like in the last 15 years, once again Muslim women associated with the Muslim Mahila Foundation performed aarti in their office while reciting the name of Ram and also mentioning Lord Ram as their ancestor.

the bombing was an attempt to spread hatred
Hundreds were killed in the bombing of Sankat Mochan temple by Islamic terrorists. At that time the terrorists also wanted to build a wall of hatred and suspicion between Hindus and Muslims. After that Muslim women associated with Vishal Bharat Sansthan and Muslim Mahila Foundation went to Sankat Mochan Temple and recited Hanuman Chalisa in the temple premises. This move of women ignited the fire of hatred.

Women still follow the tradition
Since then the aarti of Lord Shri Ram on every Ram Navami has become a tradition for Muslim women. Under the joint aegis of Muslim Mahila Foundation and Vishal Bharat Sansthan, Muslim women along with Hindu women performed aarti of Lord Shri Ram and mother Janaki at Subhash Bhavan in Lamhi.

women teach unity
Muslim women sang bhajans in Urdu and aartis written in Urdu by Nazneen Ansari. Shriram was written in Urdu with flowers. Decorative lamps were made and Maha Aarti was performed in a respectful manner for the fanatics who spread hatred. A procession of Hindus in Karauli, Rajasthan was attacked by Islamic extremists, sparking outrage. Today Muslim women also give this message that we are one with all ancestors and traditions. No one can separate us.

Shri Ram, the hero of the unbroken universe
On this occasion, the chief guest Mahant Balak Das said that Lord Shri Ram is the hero of the unbroken universe. There is no one apart from him. Without Ram, the people of Akhand Bharat have no identity. The effort made by Muslim women is a lesson for Islamic fundamentalists, they too will be saved from becoming the subject of hatred if they give up hatred and follow the path of Ram.

Other countries are facing the dilemma of separation
National President of Muslim Mahila Foundation Nazneen Ansari said that the part of India which was separated from Lord Ram is facing the plight of hatred, violence and poverty today. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan are all burning in the fire of violence because they are all separated from their ancestors. Today, if these countries praise Lord Shri Ram and follow the path of Lord Shri Ram, then they can get peace and prosperity again. The war between Russia and Ukraine will end only when the people there recite Hanuman Chalisa in public.



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