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Learn about the history of the Mughals.

We have heard many times about the wonders of the Mughals. And there are many temples of Maa Mughal in which a large number of people come from far and wide to visit. We have heard about many pamphlets of Maa Mughal. The Mughals came out under the mango trees.

There is a Mughal temple at Khakhijaliya between the villages of Mojila and Gadhla in Upleta of Rajkot. When the girls were playing Garba, suddenly the mother came with the Mughal girls in the form of Nagni. Later a statue of Mughals was installed here.

Mother Mughal had dreamed about a young woman named Varsha Ben Ahir. And mother Mughal started saying to this girl, I am under the mango tree, take me out. Then a huge temple has been built here.

People come from far and wide to visit this temple and arrangements have also been made to have food here and people always come here and talk about their beliefs.

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