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Lawrence Bishnoi threatened to kill Salman…

Recently 28 year old Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala was murdered in broad daylight. Security has been tightened for many Punjabi singers, including Bollywood, after his murder. The security of Mika Singh has also been increased and now the Mumbai Police has also increased the security of Salman Khan.

The reason for increasing the security is the death threats given to Salman Khan and Jaan. Musewala was killed by Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Barre. The gang had also threatened to kill Salman Khan, following which the Mumbai Police increased their security.

The police spoke to the media about this. Police said that the security of Salman Khan has been tightened. There will be police security around Salman Khan’s apartment as well as police will ensure that no gang from Rajasthan comes.

It is worth noting that Salman Khan had received death threats in the deer scandal. During the Kaliyar case, Bishnoi had conspired to kill Salman Khan.

The deer is a sacred animal for the Bishnoi community. Lawrence had threatened to kill Salman Khan after his name surfaced in the case after he was killed in Teva.

The story is years old but in 2008 Lawrence had said that he would kill Salman Khan and Jodhpur. He also said at that time that his name is coming up for no reason at the moment, but when he kills Salman Khan, everyone will know that he is not doing anything right now. After the killing of Sidhu Musewala in Teva, now the security of Salman Khan is also being taken seriously.

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