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Gender equality has always been a prominent concern among women, and it is heartbreaking to learn that many countries continue to discriminate against women. The struggle for justice and a better quality of life has been ongoing for a long time, and it is no surprise that many women continue to face gender discrimination in some areas of the world.

To bring this issue to light, there have been several films, television programs, and shows that serve as a wake-up call to society and depict the real-life predicament of women in the workplace. Netflix has just entered the fray, with a series called Law According to Lidia Poet.

As the series’ last episode was uploaded on the streaming site, fans began to speculate about the series’ future. To answer our readers’ questions, we’ve written this article that will teach you more about the series. We are aware of the continuous rumors surrounding the series’ second season, which is why this piece is for you. Continue reading the post to learn all you need to know about the program.

When will Season 2 of “Law According to Lidia Poet” Be available to watch online?

On February 15, 2023, the first season of this drama was made available. Fans of the Italian drama series began asking Vandana regarding its potential renewal after receiving an overwhelming reaction.

We all know that a show’s ratings have a major impact on whether or not it will be renewed, and that Netflix cares a lot about whether or not its shows are successful. After seeing the series finale, it’s clear that there’s a lot more to explore in the plot.

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There has been no word on whether or not there will be a second season of the program, so fans are left wondering whether there will be any more installments. We think the show’s premiere might very well occur within the next calendar year. The next season of the program will premiere sometime in 2024 or 2025. Keep in mind, though, that our forecast about the series stands, not the official word.

Who is Going to Appear in this Series?

Many viewers are curious as to who will be included in the sequel to this drama, and there has been much conjecture about the show’s future. This article’s upcoming part will focus on the series’ late-returning characters and the actors that play them.

  • Matilda De Angelis as Lidia Poët
  • Eduardo Scarpetta as Jacopo Barberis
  • Pier Luigi Pasino as Enrico Poët
  • Sinéad Thornhill as Marianna Poët
  • Sara Lazzaro as Teresa Barberis
  • Dario Aita as Andrea
  • Alessia Spinelli as Albertina
  • Aldo Ottobrino as Investigating Judge
  • Francesco Biscione as King’s attorney
  • Sebastiano Fumagalli as Lorenzo
  • Alessandro Federico as Lidia’s father
  • Fabrizio Odetto as Prison guard
  • Jacopo Crovella as Atilla Brusaferro
  • Camille Dugay Comencini as Nicole

Where Can You Watch the Show?

“Where to stream it?” is one of the most often asked questions regarding this series. If you were interested in seeing the program, you may do so on Netflix.


The web series has finally premiered on Netflix, and fans are eager to dive into the show’s plot. The show centers on a female lawyer who must overcome significant obstacles in order to succeed in her chosen profession. Lidia, our protagonist, is a highly skilled attorney who is having difficulty breaking into the industry. The first episode of the series is now available on Netflix, and it has been met with widespread critical and viewer acclaim.

We appreciate you staying with us to the conclusion of this piece from Trending News Buzz. We anticipate that you will discover fascinating details about the program that will inform and perhaps influence its development. Please forward this article to a fan of the series so they may learn about the show’s potential.


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