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Lal Singh Chadha Show: Big shock for Aamir, 1300 screens dropped on second day

Lal Singh Chaddha Shows Big blow to Aamir, 1300 screens dropped on the second day

With the release of Lal Singh Chadha, Aamir Khan is going to see something that hasn’t happened to him in his long career. First, the film, which released on Thursday, was reported to have canceled shows in many places, with only 10 to 20 viewers attending the 100-200 seater in many theatres. But the whole affair was so depressing that the film was pulled from the screens at many places on Friday. The next day the news of Lal Singh Chadha being removed from around 1300 screens is in the media.

This news is a big shock for Aamir’s films and Bollywood.

Lal Singh Chadha Show: Big shock for Aamir, 1300 screens dropped on second day

According to a report in Bollywood Hungama

the exhibitors of 1300 screens on Friday decided to postpone the film or cancel the show due to low viewership. Due to Lal Singh Chadha’s poor performance in many multiplexes, the film’s show dropped.

In fact, the condition of the film was not good from the first day. One, the advance booking of the film was not to the liking of theatres. News of Aamir Khan’s film coming after four years did not crowd the theatres. But seeing the same situation on the second day as on the first day, the theater owners decided to reduce the screening of the film.

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Note that Aamir’s film was released in around 3600 screens across the country and had more than ten thousand shows on the first day.

The film industry expected that even at worst Aamir’s film would earn Rs. Will earn more than 20 crores. But it couldn’t be.

Lal Singh Chaddha release date

According to Bollywood Hungama

both films Lal Singh Chadha and Raksha Bandhan, which released on Thursday, had strong releases. Both the films had a poor opening. However, Rakshabandhan is being seen as a mass film and people are flocking to watch it with their families. The film is doing well especially in small centres. Although Aamir’s film is being watched with hope in the multiplexes of the metropolis.

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