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Kuttey Movie Review: Look at the Kumud Mishra and Arjun Kapoor’s Movie!!

Kuttey, Aasmaan Bhardwaj's first movie as a director, came out on January 13. But does this movie, which has a lot of big names in it, deliver? Check out what we think.

The newest movie of the week is out, and on January 13, the Bollywood movie Kuttey will hit theatres. In the South, there are a lot of new movies coming out. The trailer showed that Naseeruddin Shah, Tabu, Kumud Mishra, Konkona Sen Sharma, Arjun Kapoor, Radhika Madan, and Shardul Bhardwaj were all in it. It also showed that the movie looked dark, raw, and promising. But did it live up to what we thought it would? Let’s find out.

In the movie Kuttey, the main characters Gopal, played by Arjun Kapoor, Paaji, played by Kumud Mishra, Pammi, played by Tabu, and Lovely, played by Radhika Madan, are all trying to change their lives. Everyone has big plans, but everything goes wrong and ends in a violent way. Will they all or any of them come out on top? Also, will luck, which people like to call a “kutti cheez,” be on their side?

The beginning of the movie gives you an idea of what to expect. Kuttey is full of blood and gore and has a lot of dark humour, rawness, and grit. This one wants to scare you, but by the end, you’ll realise how used to all of this you’ve become, and you’ll probably laugh when a character who just appeared in the movie dies. The crazy things that happen to the characters in the movie will only make you think of the lines that Tabu’s character says: ‘logic ki ma ki **nkh, yeh apna character hai b******d’.

The script feels like a maze in which all the characters are trying to find their way out of a situation that is like quicksand: the more they try to get out of it, the deeper they sink. It’s not easy to deal with a script like this, but first-time director Aasmaan Bharadwaj, who also wrote the screenplay, does a pretty good job. The movie is split into acts, and there is a prologue and an ending.

He takes his time setting up the movie, so parts of it might feel slow and drawn out. But the second half is when things get crazy. And by the time we reach the climax, it’s only going to get worse. But we wish the first half had been a little bit sharper and the second half a little less crazy. It’s almost always close to getting confusing. The movie as a whole needed to be more balanced.

One of the most interesting things about the movie was its cast. As expected, the performances are the best thing about the movie. The most screen time goes to Kumud Mishra and Arjun Kapoor, and both will leave you impressed. One has to point out Arjun Kapoor in particular. He is often criticized for his facial expressions or lack of them, but in Kuttey, he shines.

He is a lot of fun to watch as the bad cop who sticks to his Mangalvaar ka vrat and will do anything to get out of a tight spot. The best part is that you can’t call him ruthless just because he kills at any time. He is also a caring father who won’t think twice about singing a lullaby to his daughter while planning a robbery.

Kumud Mishra does a great job as the cop with a little bit of morality but not much power. To get out, he needs to work with the authorities. You can see the despair in his eyes, and he does a great job of showing it. As expected, Tabu steals the show! She is an experienced actress who can play almost any role, and her role as Pammi in Kuttey was no different.

Naseerudin Shah appears on screen for a short amount of time, which is more like an extended cameo. Radhika Madan only shows up in the second half, but she is a joy to watch and takes over every scene she is in. Konkona’s appearance also feels like an extended cameo, but she’s the one who sets the mood. We only wish she was more noticeable on screen. With Konkona, Naseeruddin, and even Tabu, Kuttey seems to waste a lot of good actors.

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