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Kundali Bhagya’s Latest Episode: Rajveer’s Face-Off with Karan


Rajveer, Preeta, and Palki arrive at Bua ji’s residence. Preeta says it’s strange because she feels like she knows the city and the lanes well. Rajveer wants to tell her that the city is yours, that her past lives here, but she has no recollection of it. Rajveer wishes for her to regain her memories. Palki brings them home. She claims that she did not notify Bua of the emergence of tenants. She introduces Preeta and Rajveer to Bua ji. Preeta expresses thanks. Palki informs them that Preeta and Rajveer are looking for a home, so she brings them home. Bua ji informs us that the room is dirty. Palki claims that she was too busy at work to call her. Bua ji promises to clean the room and then show it to Preeta.

Preeta says they want a place to stay and good people around them. She doesn’t mind if the room isn’t spotless. Palki announces that she will clean the room. Bua ji claims to have seen Preeta somewhere. Preeta claims that she has never decided to stay in Mumbai before. Rajveer wishes to inform her that Preeta lives in this neighborhood and Karan lives in Bandra. Nidhi is angry when she thinks about Bani’s taunts.

Karan Witnesses Nidhi Praying and Sobbing

She wishes to teach Kareena and Bani a lesson. She explains that they were planning a trip to a temple and that she is now canceling it with an excuse. She wants the oldies to stay in their room and learn what it’s like to disagree with her. Karan is awake and waiting for Shaurya, she discovers. She devises a drama to appear to Karan as a wonderful mother. Karan witnesses Nidhi praying and sobbing. Everyone thinks she spoils her son, but they don’t realize how much she adores her. She describes how Karan and his family make fun of her. She gains Karan’s approval.

She believes that Shaurya genuinely loves Karan but is unable to express it. She goes on to say that Shaurya is a good son with a good heart, but his misbehavior gets him into trouble. Karan overhears her conversation. Nidhi says she will concentrate on her son’s improvement. She informs Karan that she called Shaurya, but he did not answer. She sobs to deceive him with her tears. Karan is sorry. He cautions her not to misinterpret his family.

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He claims to have heard everything, that everyone adores Shaurya, and that they are overcome with emotion. She expresses her regret to him. She thinks it’s strange that a mother is blamed for her son’s mistake. She tells him that she will always be Shaurya’s mother and that she will accept responsibility.

Karan Wishes Rudra Was Still Alive

She asks him not to mind because she just wanted to lighten her heart and show that she isn’t as strong as everyone thinks. Karan wishes Rudra was still alive and with Shaurya. He claims that the two brothers are always in love with each other and that they support each other. He pines for his other son, Rudra. Palki, meanwhile, goes to clean the room. Preeta describes how they met Palki to Bua ji. She tells the story of the bus accident. She explains that they don’t know what will happen next, that they were in an accident, and that Palki met them and brought them home. She believes it was fated for her to come to Mumbai and live with Palki. Bua ji says it’s Kundali Bhagya. Palki, she adds, is lovely.

Rajveer claims she isn’t sweet and that she talks a lot. Rajveer, according to Preeta, also talks a lot. She describes Palki and Rajveer’s first meeting and their misunderstanding to Bua ji. Bua ji is aware that Palki speaks a lot. Palki, she says, has a good heart. Preeta instructs Rajveer to go clean the room for Palki. He promises to go and assist her. Bua ji appreciates his obedience. Preeta says Shrishti instilled in him good values, and she is proud to be his Maasi. Rajveer enters the room. Palki apologizes for not cleaning the room until now. She falls down the rungs of the ladder.

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Rajveer manages to catch her just in time. He informs her that he has come to assist her. They both sweep the floor. He adds that he has some important work to do and then departs. He doesn’t want Palki to distract him. He tells him that he must concentrate on his goal and exact revenge on Karan. He wishes to obtain justice for Preeta and reclaim their rights. He recalls Preeta’s suffering. He also wants the owner of the jeep punished for causing the bus accident on purpose. He considers returning to the pub where he last saw Shaurya. Bua ji invites Rajveer to sit and talk while she prepares tea.

He promises to make tea for them. Preeta claims that he makes an excellent tea. Palki and Rajveer are having a funny argument. He gags that her Bua is allowing him to speak. Preeta’s heart feels at ease as if she has returned home. Preeta is shown around the room by Palki. Preeta enjoys the room and thinks it is lovely. She becomes emotional.

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