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Kundali Bhagya 5th April 2023 Written Update: Karan’s Emotions Run High as He Misses Preeta Dearly


Rajveer informs Preeta that the culprit responsible for the bus accident has been identified. She questions him about why he left the house to go after that guy. He claims that that individual put many people’s lives in peril. He wants her to recognize that it was too risky and that the man should be punished or else he will continue to commit such crimes; he is a spoilt child who needs to be taught a lesson. She requests that he look after her. He advises him to finish his task and return home as soon as possible. She is concerned about Rajveer, yet she is glad that he is doing the right thing. She considers going to the police station to support Rajveer.

She is concerned that Rajveer may get into trouble because of the rich person. Karan dials Shaurya’s number. He claims that the bartender is not responding. He inquires about the pub’s specifics. She states that she is unsure. He informs her that she should be aware of Shaurya’s whereabouts, who he associates with, and what he does. Rakhi calms Karan down and begs him to treat Nidhi with dignity and respect. She asks him where his manners are when speaking to a woman. Rakhi takes Nidhi’s side, but the latter requests that she refrain from intervening. Nidhi tells Karan that he can tell her anything. Karan explains that it’s about Shaurya, who has gone insane. He continues, “They need to get Shaurya on the correct track, and he needs his mother.”

Preeta Expresses Her Desire to Visit the Police Station and Meet Rajveer

Meanwhile, Preeta contacts Palki for assistance. Palki directs her to the auto-rickshaw stand. Palki inquires as to where she wishes to travel at this hour. Preeta expresses her desire to visit the police station and meet Rajveer, who has gone there and requires her assistance. Palki promises to come and assist her. Preeta says she’s standing outside her house. Palki approaches her and inquires as to why Rajveer is at the police station. Preeta informs Rajveer that the person responsible for the bus disaster is being prosecuted. Palki promises to take her to the police station.

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Inspector tells Shaurya that it doesn’t matter if he is Karan’s son or not. Shaurya’s buddies request his assistance. Shaurya requests that the inspector allow him to make a phone call. Nidhi claims to be Shaurya’s mother and that she knows everything about him. Karan, she adds, always assesses Shaurya. Karan inquires as to where Shaurya is at this time. She informs Shaurya that there is a cost to being a Luthra. She describes how Karan’s wealth has caused Shaurya problems. Karan is not persuaded by her foolishness. Inspector instructs Shaurya to make a request for him. Shaurya declines. He requests the right to make a call. The inspector allows him to make one phone call. Shaurya contacts Nidhi and wants her to assist him; he has been detained and is being held at the police station.

He requests that she go grab Dad and save him from the filthy area. She promises to find Karan and go to him as quickly as possible. Kareena and Rakhi question Nidhi about what Shaurya said. Nidhi doesn’t say anything to them. She proceeds to inform Karan of Shaurya’s phone call and incarceration. Bani hears this and rushes down the stairs. The entire family comes to her aid. Karan assures her that he will return Shaurya. Nidhi requests that Rakhi contact Bani’s doctor. Rakhi instructs her to simply take Shaurya home. Karan summons the doctor to assist Bani. He makes his way to the police station. Shaurya’s family is praying for him.

Rajveer confronts Shaurya and taunts him. Shaurya cautions him to watch his language. Rajveer instructs him to look in the mirror and recognize his actual nature. They both got into a fight. Inspector orders Shaurya to remain silent. He invites Rajveer to come to fill out the paperwork. Bani expresses her discomfort. Rakhi inquires as to whether the doctor would be able to arrive on time. Karan and Nidhi return carrying the doctor. Karan informs Bani that he has arranged for her to see a doctor since she is in excruciating agony. Rakhi orders him to go free Shaurya first. Karan says he’ll take Bani to her room.

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The doctor compliments him on being a nice son. Rakhi believes he should have been a decent father as well. Karan requests that she explain this to Nidhi. Nidhi becomes enraged because he is missing Preeta. She claims that Preeta is no longer living but remains alive in the hearts of the family. Preeta is concerned about Rajveer. Palki tells her not to worry, and that everything will be OK. Preeta dials Rajveer’s number, but he is occupied with filling out the form. She informs him that he is not returning her calls. Palki encourages her to believe that Rajveer would be alright, even if he is busy. Rajveer receives another call from Palki’s number. The constable requests that he check his phone.

Preeta Expresses Her Desire to Visit the Police Station and Meet Rajveer

Rajveer answers the phone and recognizes Palki’s voice. Preeta answers the phone and inquires as to why he did not return her calls. He assures her that everything is fine. The inspector requests that he summon his Maasi to provide a statement. Rajveer does not want to bother her. He promises to return home. The inspector is yelled at by Shaurya. Preeta becomes concerned when she hears the threat. She informs Palki that there is a battle going on. Palki assures them that they will arrive soon. Rajveer instructs Shaurya that money cannot purchase everything. Shaurya informs Rajveer that he cannot speak to him in this manner. He believes Rajveer is only interested in money. Rajveer claims that people are wealthy because of their principles and morality, not because of their wealth.

He chastises Shaurya. Karan and Preeta are both stuck at the same signal. Karan informs them that the police station is nearby and that they would arrive shortly. Karan does not notice Preeta. His vehicle breaks down at a traffic light, producing a traffic bottleneck. Karan and Nidhi arrive late. Rajveer claims that Shaurya is a moron. Shaurya and his buddies debate him. Rajveer advises him to avoid such acquaintances and his life will improve. Shaurya screams and taunts at him. He claims that once he comes out, everyone will know who he is and what he is capable of.

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