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Know who should get the booster dose of corona, know the answers to these 10 important questions related to booster dose.


Know who should get the booster dose of corona, know the answers to these 10 important questions related to booster dose.

Now all people above 18 years of age in India are getting booster dose of corona vaccine. In India it is called exact dosage or exact dosage. At present, the third dose of the vaccine is being given to people between the ages of 18 and 59 in the private centre. People of this age will have to spend money for the third dose. According to the Ministry of Health, a booster dose can be given 9 months after the second dose.

The decision to introduce a booster dose was taken because many studies have shown that the immune system against corona starts decreasing over time. In such cases, a booster dose is required to boost the immune system. In France, people over the age of 80 are also receiving a fourth dose of the vaccine. In Israel, the fourth dose is being given since January.

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Experts believe that a booster dose of the vaccine is needed to control coronary heart disease. Experts also say that the dose should be given every 6 months till the epidemic is over.

1. Who can get a booster dose?

According to the Ministry of Health, all people above 18 years of age will now be able to get the third dose of corona vaccine. The third dose can be taken by those who have completed 9 months after taking the second dose.

2. Can pregnant women get the third dose?
The Health Ministry has also advised pregnant women to get the corona vaccine. Even when the corona vaccine campaign was started in the country, there was concern among pregnant women about the vaccine. After this, the Ministry of Health released a complete document, in which all the questions related to the concerns of pregnant women were answered.

According to the document, the health ministry said that most pregnant women suffer from the disease without any symptoms or very mild symptoms, but it can worsen their health and affect the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women must also get vaccinated to avoid corona.

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3. Where can I get a booster dose?
People between the ages of 18 and 59 can receive a booster dose from a private vaccination center. So far no booster dose has been arranged for them at the government vaccination center. At the same time, the elderly, frontline and health workers above 60 years of age can take the third dose from private as well as government centers.

4. What will be the cost of the third dose?
If the elderly above 60 years of age take the third dose from the government center, then they will not have to spend any money. Here they are being given a free booster dose. At the same time, people in the age group of 18 to 59 are getting booster doses at private immunization centers only. It will cost money to get a booster dose here.

Serum Institute has reduced the cost of its vaccine Covishield to Rs. 225 is done. At the same time, Bharat Biotech has also reduced the price of Covasyn from Rs 1,200 to Rs 225. According to the government, private hospitals cannot charge a service charge of more than Rs 150. That is, if you take the third dose, then you will have to spend Rs 375.

5. Which vaccine will be given?
A third dose of the same vaccine will be taken for the first two doses. At present, the government has not approved the mix and match vaccine. That is, if you have taken the first two doses of Kovishield, then the third dose of Kovishield will also be applied. Similarly, if the first two doses of Covacin are used, the third dose of Covacin will also be administered.

6. Do I have to register again?
No. The Health Ministry has clarified that there is no need to re-register for a booster dose or a precautionary dose.

7. So how will the booster dose be given?
According to the Ministry of Health, your account has already been created on CoWin. When you give the first and second doses, they are recorded in this account. If you have completed 9 months of taking the second dose, you will be sent a message from CoWin. After the arrival of this message, you can book a slot for the vaccine by visiting CoWin. The Health Ministry said that offline slots can also be booked for the third dose.

8. Will a booster dose certificate also be issued?
When people above 60 years of age, frontline and health workers started receiving booster doses, the CEO of the National Health Authority, Dr. R.S. Sharma said, “How to get the certificate of vaccination after the first and second dose.” Booster dose certificate will also be available.

9. Why was the booster dose needed?
Scientists around the world have warned that vaccines against the corona vaccine may weaken after a few months, requiring a booster dose. Corona is constantly changing its form and new types are emerging, due to which the need for booster doses has increased.

10. How effective is the booster dose?
Booster doses have been shown to be effective in several studies around the world. The results of studies on booster doses in India have also been good. On March 29, Minister of State for Health, Dr. Bharti Pawar told the Rajya Sabha that a study was conducted by ICMR to test the effectiveness of the vaccine booster dose, in which antibodies against Corona were detected. third dose.

He said that according to the international data that has come out about the third dose of AstraZeneca or Covishield, there is a 3 to 4 times increase in antibodies after the third dose of this vaccine.



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