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Know who is Mehul Bogra? On hearing the name of a very famous lawyer in social media, the employee…

At present, the echo of an incident that happened two days ago is being heard all over Gujarat. In such a situation, every day Surat comes in the discussion about some or the other thing. Be it media or newspapers, Advocate Mehula is being discussed everywhere. Recently, Advocate Mehula was attacked by a TRP supervisor. Due to which there has been a lot of anger among the youth in today’s time.

The Advocate Mehul program is quite popular on social media, which is followed by more than three lakh people. Also, now they have become a topic of much discussion on social media. Then some people don’t know who is Mehul Bogra ??, Let’s know who is Advocate Mehul Bogra ??,

Recently, a TRB supervisor named Sajan Bharwad, inside the Sarkar police station area in Surat, had fatally attacked Advocate Mehul Bogra, the scenes of this fatal attack were seen by Advocate Mehul on his Facebook Live. The video of this incident is going viral on social media and has become the subject of much discussion.

A large number of advocate Mehul Bogra’s supporters came out on the streets and a lot of action is being taken regarding this whole incident. Mehul Bogra is a resident of Pipli village in Jafrabad taluk of Amreli district of Saurashtra and lives in Yogichok area of ​​Surat. Mehul Bogra is doing LLB from Vadodara after B.Com and is doing criminal practice in Surat.

For the past few years, Mehul Bogra has been a challenging voice against the apathy of the police officers towards the government. Also, if there is any kind of legal violation or any kind of corruption by any officer or employee, then Mehul Bogra started the work of announcing it on social media.

Advocate Mehul Bogra has only one objective that law and administration should respect all and work equally. You must have often seen Advocate Mehul Bogra through his videos on social media. They are repeatedly raising their voice against the system and the negligence in government work. They expose people by making videos that are going viral on social media.

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