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Know which deity should be worshiped on which day? And the importance of every turn

Various deities are mentioned in astrology on seven days of the week. Worshiping these deities according to the day gives auspicious results. In Ujjain’s astrologer Shiv Puran, the importance of worshiping gods and goddesses for seven days has been told.

It is best to worship Sun on Sunday, Moon on Monday, Mars on Tuesday, Mercury on Wednesday, Jupiter on Thursday, Venus on Friday and Shani on Saturday. What are the benefits of worshiping which deity: Sun provides health. Moon bestows wealth. Mars is said to be the cure of diseases. Mercury gives strength. Jupiter has a long life. Venus bestows material happiness. Shani removes the fear of death.

1. Brief Rituals of Surya Upasana: Water should be offered to the Sun daily to get the blessings of the Sun. On Sunday, fill a copper vessel with water and place a flower in it and offer it to the Sun.

, Worship Chandradev like this on Monday: Worship Shivling on every Monday. Shivaji has a moon on his head, so Shivaji should be worshiped on this day.

, Worship Mars on Tuesday For Mars, offer red lentils to Shivling on Tuesday. Mars should be worshiped in the form of Shivling. Offer red roses to Shivling on Tuesdays.

, Worship Mercury on Wednesday: Donate a green colored mug on every Wednesday for the planet Mercury. Climb on Ganesha.

, Worship Jupiter on Thursday: Devguru Brihaspati is also worshiped in the form of Shivling. Offer gram and gram flour laddus on Shivling on every Thursday.

6. Worship Venus on Friday: For Venus, offer water to Shivling every Friday. billing.

, Worship Shani on Saturday: Worship Shani, the judge of the planets, on every Saturday. Apply oil on Shani and recite Hanuman Chalisa. It is believed that Lord Shani is pleased by worshiping Hanumanji.

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