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Know what women hate during sex

Know what women hate during

Know what women hate during sex

When it comes to sex, men are generally considered. This is the reason why most of the women face such situations on behalf of their male partner, which they do not like at all.
Sex means pleasure and satisfaction. Being in a close relationship with your spouse can be the best start of a new step in a relationship. Guys love to experiment, but there are some things that many women hate. In such a situation, it can be said that they do not always like every activity of sex. But have you ever wondered which part of sex women really hate?11 Things Men Should Never Do After Sex - Best Life

sense of insecurity
Women are very insecure about their bodies because of the norms set by the society. Women are stressed about what they should and should not look like. It doesn’t make them more comfortable with the idea of ​​having a relationship. The imaginary expectations of the partner from above only work to make things worse.

feel the pressure
A recent study found that women experience the pressure of expectations during sex. Many women pay close attention to how they look during sex, while some are concerned about whether their partner will be happy with them or not. In such a situation, it becomes very important for the partner to do the same for his body as he respects the feelings of the female partner.

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push to climax
Women take longer to climax. And this is something that men generally do not understand. Women are expected to have intercourse at the same time as their partner having sex. This pressure can also spoil the mood of women. On the other hand, some women do not even wait for their partner to reach orgasm and focus only on being satisfied. This frustrates women a lot.

There are other things women don’t like
Women also hate being interrupted during sex, or when they can’t get an orgasm. Additional concerns, such as the fear of STIs, also spoil women’s sex experience.
Women do not like to pay attention to the hygiene of their partner. Mild infections can be a problem for them, but most men don’t notice it.

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Not every woman is comfortable with oral sex. In such a situation, when pressure is put on them by the partner, it fills the bitterness in their relationship.
Expecting similar situations from the male partner after watching porn movies or forcing the partner to do the same also disturbs the women and they start losing interest because it is very uncomfortable for them.



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