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Know the history of Taj Hotel in Mumbai: Once a room was available for 6 rupees, today tea is available for 600 rupees…

In 1890, our country of India was ruled by the British and these Britishers were very discriminating against our Indians. Indians and such Europeans were also banned in hotels, so businessman Jamsetji Tata decided to build a Taj Hotel where both Indians and foreigners could stay without restrictions.

The Taj Hotel was opened on 16 December 1903 before the Gateway of India was established in March 1911. The Taj Hotel was built at a cost of Rs 21,000,000. Jamsetji died on 19 May 1904.

Taj Hotel in Mumbai is very famous all over the world..Taj Hotel is a hotel which is called as Reach Hotel..People from abroad also come here to stay.It was Jamsetji’s personality that he turned humiliation into an ambitious dream And dreamed of Taj Mahal Hotel that there should be no discrimination against everyone. Admission will be given without giving

This was the first electric building in Mumbai. An air conditioner was also installed to keep the room cool. Also there were facilities like bathtub and fan for bath and lift..and restaurant is also available for eating.. Actually Jamsetji wanted this hotel to be a place where people come and forget their normal life.

historical events

During World War I, the historic Taj Hotel in Mumbai was converted into a 600-bed hospital.
Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of British India, gave his farewell speech at this hotel in June 1948. Apart from the World War, there has been a terrible terrorist attack on the Taj in 2008 as well.

According to media reports, earlier a room in Taj Hotel was available for 6 rupees. The cost of a cup of tea at Taj is also Rs 500-600.

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