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Kirtidan Gadhvi started crying in the current diarrhea, know what happened

In this video going viral, it is seen that suddenly Kirtidan Bhai Gadhvi became emotional and started crying. If we talk about the whole incident, a huge Lokdaira was organized on the occasion of Ramparayan in Bhachau taluka of Kutch in which many great artists were present from far away. Mayabhai Ahir, Kirtidan Bhai Gadhvi and Bhikhudan Gadhvi were also seen in this Lokdira.

Kirtidan Bhai Gadhvi suddenly became very emotional during Lok Diasar and tears welled up in his eyes. Bhikhudan Gadhvi was saying a lot about Shri Ram and Mata Sita which made him very emotional and he started remembering some moments of his life which made him very sad.

While Bhikhubhai Dan Gadhvi was running his diary, Kirtidan Bhai Gadhvi suddenly started crying. After the whole incident Manidhar Bapu reached him and pacified him. Manidhar Bapu gave water to Kirtidan Bhai Gadhvi and this entire video has been uploaded on YouTube on a channel called Lok Sahitya.

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