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Kinjal will die in Anupama, the mountain of sorrow will fall on the Shah family

One or the other twist is being seen in Anupama serial. The makers of the serial are trying their best to maintain the interest of the audience. Many new characters have been entered in the serial and now the makers of the serial are thinking of bidding farewell to some old characters of the serial. Let me tell you – a character of the serial is going to die.

The serial was consistently on top during Anupama and Anuj’s wedding track but now Taarak Mehta is giving it a lot of competition. To make the serial more interesting and to remove the story of the serial from the extra character, the makers will again show the death of a character. Anupama’s wife’s character Kinjal is going to have an accident in the serial.

Nidhi is playing the role of Anupama’s wife in this serial. People are liking her character very much but now it seems that Nidhi will leave this serial. Nidhu will die in the upcoming episode of Anupama. The serial will be completed in 2 years. The character of Nidhi Kinjal is already involved in the serial.

Anupama is going to have a big accident to complete Kinjal’s track from the serial. After this accident, the doctor will be able to save only one of the two Kinjal or her child. After that Kinjal will become very serious and it will become more difficult for the family to decide. Kinjal will die which will tweak the audience a lot. Will have to see how the serial turns out.

It is being said in some reports that Nidhi Shah has got the offer of a big serial. With this, it is learned that Nidhi will soon be seen in the lead role with TV actor Mohsin Khan. However, till now no concrete information has been received from Nidhi Shah about accepting his new offer.

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