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Is Hulu Confirmed the Kindred Season 2 Release Date? Season 1 Review is Here!

Kindred, FX’s newest mystery thriller, premiered on Hulu on December 13 and has gotten good feedback from viewers for its gripping plot. The television show is based on Octavia E. Butler’s 1979 novel of the same name.

The TV adaptation of the best-selling sci-fi novel, in which a young lady named Dana can’t stop wandering back in time and being stuck in the early 1800s before being transported back to her reality in 2016, has now appeared on the screen. This program emphasized the awful treatment, working conditions, and brutal scenarios that people were subjected to during the 1800s.

With Dana needing to learn the secret to why her time travel is happening, the ending got us that much closer. And in Kindred Season 2, all of the questions will be answered. Before discussing Season 2, we will first discuss the conclusion of Season 1 and then move on to what will happen in Season 2. Here’s all you need to know about Kindred Season 2:

Overview of Kindred

Name Of The Show Kindred
Season Number Season 2
Directed By Karen Goodman Kirk Simon
Genre Documentary
Season 1 Release Date December 13, 2022
Season 2 Release Date Not Confirmed
Country of Origin United States
Based On Novel

Renewal Status Of Kinder Season 2

Kindred has yet to be officially renewed by FX, but that isn’t due to a lack of interest on the part of the creative team.

kindred season 2 release date


“The writers and I are working extremely hard on the preparations for Season Two,” showrunner Branden Jacobs-Jenkins told Esquire. We have a lot planned for Season Two, Season Three, and Season Four. But we need people to see the show in order to get a second season.

I always encourage people to read the book, but if you don’t want to ruin it for yourself, stop reading now. However, there are plans for a second season. “I have big dreams.”

Kindred Season 2 Release Date

At the time of writing, Kindred had not been renewed for a second season. Fans should not be alarmed, though, because FX will not make the renewal announcement for at least a few weeks due to the show’s recent debut. The network will consider the season’s audience results when considering whether to approve a second season.

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If season 2 is ordered in the coming weeks, the series might return by the end of 2023.  Season 1 premiered in December 2022 after being announced in January 2022. Kindred season 2 could launch in December 2023 if a similar pattern continues.

Kindred Season 2 Cast

Many of the cast members are expected to be replaced because the second season of the series will entail significant time jumps. Thomas Weylin is played by Ryan Kwanten, Kevin Franklin by Micah Stock, Margaret Weylin by Gayle Rankin, and Luke by Austin Smith in the show.

Other actors in the cast include Sophina Brown as Sarah, David Alexander Kaplan as Rufus Weylin, Abigail Shannon as Alice, Sheria Irving as Olivia, Christopher Farrar as Nigel, Lindsey Blackwell as Carrie, and Eisa Davis as Denis.

Kindred Season 2 Plot

Season One of Kindred concludes on a frustrating cliffhanger for those unfamiliar with the book: Dana’s lover Kevin is trapped in antebellum Maryland, with a distressed Dana back in modern-day Los Angeles unsure how to rescue him. Dana’s aunt pays her a visit and inspires her to look through an ancient family Bible filled with genealogical information.

kindred season 2 release date

In the Bible, Dana learns that one of her ancestors, Alice Greenwood, would have a child with Rufus Weylin, the kid who seems to lure Dana back in time to save his life on multiple occasions. Suddenly, it all makes sense: Dana must keep Rufus alive in order for her ancestors to be born and for her own survival.

Readers of the novel are aware that there is much more to the story: Dana’s next voyage back in time to save Kevin will see her meet an adult Rufus, while Kevin will be forced to adjust to a long period of life in the past.

Two made-for-TV modifications may also have implications: Tom Weylin will undoubtedly be upset if his wife and kid flee to Baltimore, and Dana’s mother reappearing in modern-day New York may have major consequences.

Kindred Season 1 Review

I felt this presentation was quite nice; it did a haunting job of depicting the violence and mistreatment meted out to slaves back then. It was also quite disturbing to see it play out on screen. This show did not hold back on what it showed us on screen, which I believe made it even more impactful and upsetting.

kindred season 2 release date

The shock at the conclusion of the season with Sarah being the person in the first scene in the 1800s where Rufus was turned over was unexpected, and learning that she was also the reason for all of the other killings was a great surprise.

I think it landed well and unexpectedly. I didn’t enjoy how abruptly the season ended; it actually left me wanting more, but in a terrible sense, almost as if it was incomplete. I only hope we don’t have to wait too long for a second season, as the door was left open.

Where To Watch Kindred Season 2?

Kindred Season 2 Is not yet released. Season 1 of Kindred is now available on FX and Hulu.

Kindred Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 of Kindred is not confirmed yet till you can watch the trailer of Kindred season 1.

Final Words

FX has yet to formally renew Kindred. When deciding whether to accept a second season, the network will analyze the season’s audience results. If Kindred is renewed, it will be announced in the following weeks. Kindred Season 1 launched on Hulu on December 13th. Because the second season will have large time jumps, several of the cast members are expected to be replaced.

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