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KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review: A Stunning Saga Full of Explosive Narratives


Title: KGF 2

Cast: Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Ravina Tandon and others

Director: Prashant Neil

Run-time: 168 minutes

Rating: 3.5 / 5

What if the Delta, Delta Plus, Omicron and XE variants of Covid-19 infect Rocky Brothers? We can only think of one plausible scenario: they will come together to promote it. ‘Hello, Rocky brother!’ They will start singing in Chinese. ‘KGF: Chapter 2’ never escapes the contagious epidemic for its dominant male protagonist. He is more manly as the whole world falls in love with his ruthless adventures. Even people who are not happy enjoy seeing their swag from time to time. The Prime Minister of India is also told how he reached superstardom on the streets of Bombay in a strangely animated way by a CBI veteran!

Rocky Bhai (Yash) is sure that KGF is his ground. He has built an empire by mining gold, and has enriched himself millions of times through money laundering. When he opens his mouth, he leaves the language of war. Even a boardroom meeting with your peers feels like a quick connection to bloody rivals.

By now, you know very well what ‘KGF: Chapter 1’ was all about. So, you’re already sold out at an event called Rocky. You also buy into the mystery surrounding the super-villain Adhira (Sanjay Dutt), who doesn’t always behave like a super-villain (and the consequence is the negative that we can think of).

Ravi Tandon as the Prime Minister of India Ramika Sen has a national interest in mind. When she locks the horn with Rocky, who believes he’s the CEO of India (man, the scene between the two is a dynamite!), Mayhem is expected. Director Neil’s talent is to make this track work like a missile.

The performance is rocking. As Yash speaks more and more, his characterization permeates the entire film universe. This is what leads us to extreme violence and murder. Anbariv’s action choreography is captivating. Though not a complete VFX, Bhuvan Gowda’s cinematography emphasizes film. Period drama (late 1970s to early 1980s) gets a royal hat-tip from Ravi Basrur’s background music. He does not pretend to be a BGM for anyone other than fan service for Rocky Brothers.

‘KGF 2’ is not without clichs and lazy thoughts. Adhira doesn’t use the golden opportunity to kill Yash, a years old idea that makes the film with a bit of a mild effect. Another loophole is that political pundits like Ramika Sen are unaware of how much Rocky has infiltrated the power network. Reena (Srinidhi Shetty as Rocky’s girlfriend) is abducted, but Rocky remains engaged in a one-man fight despite facing the biggest crisis. Messiah Syndrome is another tried and tested idea. But then again, the strength of this film lies in not making the clichs emotional and refusing to say favorable parts without any dialogue.

The film frequently doubles down on the slow-moving Rocky Brothers. Rocky’s escape to Dubai is not for good optics, but less for strategic reasons. Everyone, including slaves, dives deep into the myth. We have invested in the aesthetics of ‘KGF 2’. Maybe that’s why his small flaws don’t matter.



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