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Keep this green flag in mind while withdrawing money from ATM, otherwise the account will be empty

If you also withdraw cash from ATM, then know that a small mistake of yours can empty your account. Let us tell you that in the midst of increasing cases of cybercrime, online transactions and withdrawing money from ATMs are not completely safe. Cyber ​​thugs are so clever that they can vacate your account in an instant. In such a situation, if you keep in mind the things mentioned here while withdrawing cash from ATM.

Actually, cloning of ATM cards is a trend these days. In such a situation, if you are withdrawing cash from an ATM, then after using the ATM, check it carefully. With ATM card cloning, all your account details are easily deleted and your account is emptied in seconds. Let’s find out how your details are easily stolen here, and hackers vacate your account.

Hackers have also become very smart in Digital India. These hackers steal the banking details of customers from the card slots installed in the ATM machines. Unbeknownst to you, these hackers insert a device in the card slot of the ATM machine, which scans your card details. All your details are saved by this device in that device. After this, with the help of Bluetooth or any other wireless device, these hackers steal the data.

No matter how smart the hackers are, your money will be safe if you are vigilant. In fact, a hacker needs to have your PIN number to gain full access to your debit card. Although hackers also have a way for this. They track your PIN number with the camera. That is, they are all set to steal your data. In such a situation, whenever you enter the PIN number, cover the PIN number with your other hand.

Check ATM before withdrawing cash
If you go to an ATM, the first thing you should do is check the card slot of the ATM machine.
Do not use if the ATM card slot has been tampered with or if the slot is loose.
– When inserting a card into the card slot, keep an eye on the ‘grain light’ lit in the card slot.
If the green light is on in the slot here, then your ATM is secure.
Do not use ATM under any circumstances when red or any other light is not on.

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