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Kasuri methi is used more in this season, know its amazing benefits

Kasuri methi is used more in this season, know its amazing benefits

From enhancing the taste of food to maintaining health, dry fenugreek leaves are useful in many ways. Kasuri methi made from fenugreek leaves is known as dry herb. It is mostly used to add flavor to food and enhance the aroma of food.

It is especially used in handi dishes. Not only that, its regular consumption also eliminates many types of health risks. These are my mom’s favorite herbs and spices these days. Do you know its benefits (Benefits of Kasuri Methi)? I’m telling you guys.

Kasuri methi is used more in this season, know its amazing benefits

Kasuri methi is easily available in the market. But homemade fresh kasuri methi has its own taste. And my mother does it with a lot of love. It is very easy to prepare at home. So let’s know the health benefits of Kasuri Methi and the easy way to make it. With this, you will know how it can be used.

According to a survey conducted by Research Gate, fenugreek leaves are generally available during the cold season. But they can be used for a long time if stored dry. Studies have shown that Kasuri methi contains adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

However, fresh fenugreek leaves are a good source of vitamin C. But this amount is very limited in methi after sun drying. Also, Kasuri methi contains calcium and iron. All these nutrients are one of the essential elements for the body. At the same time, it is very low in carbohydrates.

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1. Regulates cholesterol levels

Kasuri methi is very low in calories. The dry herb reduces the production of bad cholesterol in the blood. Apart from this, they also increase the level of good cholesterol.

2. Beneficial for skin

In fact, Kasuri methi is also very beneficial for the skin. Many people make a paste of it and use it as a face mask. Also, the antioxidants present in it reduce skin toxins. Apart from this it helps in getting rid of skin problems like acne, sunburn and pimples. A face mask made with Kasuri Methi removes dead skin cells and keeps the skin healthy.

3 Beneficial in digestive problems

Kasuri methi is especially included in curries and vegetables like potatoes. The fiber in it balances the digestive system and helps relieve stomach related problems like indigestion and constipation. You can take Kasuri Methi directly with water for constipation problem. Apart from this, Kasuri Methi is also effective in diabetes and weight loss. Let’s know the easy way to make Kasuri Methi at home.

Buy fresh fenugreek leaves from the market. Make sure that the leaves are completely green. Next, remove the leaves from the stem.

Wash the leaves thoroughly with water to remove dirt from their skin.

Now spread these leaves on a plate or cotton cloth and dry them in the sun for 2 to 3 days.

If they are not completely dry in 2 to 3 days, let them dry until the moisture is completely gone and they are hard.

Now squeeze the husk gently and cut it into small pieces. You can also use whole leaves if you want.

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