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Karan Johar got angry after hearing about Vidya Balan bedroom secret

Karan Johar was furious after hearing about Vidya Balan's bedroom secret

Vidya Balan’s latest comments on Ranveer Singh’s nude photo shoot are discussed. He said what’s the problem, let’s close our eyes. This is not the first time that Vidya Balan’s Bindas Ball has hit the headlines. Earlier some of his expressions in ‘Calling Karan’ became popular.

Vidya quickly answered Karan Johar’s questions and revealed her bedroom secrets. Vidya was asked by Karan if she would eat chocolate, green tea or rounds again after ‘Abhinaya’. Vidya gave a completely different answer.

Karan Johar got angry after hearing about Vidya Balan bedroom secret

Karan Johar’s rapid fire rounds on his chat show Koffee With Karan often have questions that make headlines. Karan Johar certainly asks questions related to people’s personal lives. The show certainly has questions about the topic and se#x life in particular.

Vidya Balan Instagram video

On the Calling Karan radio show, Karan Johar also asked Vidya Balan some personal questions regarding her bedroom. Karan asked, keep the lights on or off? Vidya’s answer to this was dim light. Then Karan asked, candles or music? Vidya’s answer was both.

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Karan Johar asked Vidya Balan, cotton sheets or silk? Vidya said, I don’t know how cotton and silk always feel. Karan asked, chocolate, green tea or another round of ‘acting’. Vidya’s answer to this was water. Thirst quenches thirst.

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