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Jyotish Upay: If some problem persists in the office, then this remedy will give success. astrology


Dharm News : New Delhi , If there is a problem with you constantly in the office, then it may be due to Vastu defect. You can get the solution of this problem by these measures.

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Solution will be found by these measures

A bucket of water will get rid of debt just

Vipin Jaiswal from Gurugram writes that some problem is constantly arising at his workplace. Business is not running like before. What to do. Tell me some solution.

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Answer- When there is a Vastu defect at the place of business, then it comes and some problem keeps arising continuously, then I am telling a simple solution. Do this on Wednesday. Offer 11 modaks to Ganesh ji at workplace and keep 8 modaks in 8 directions. Leave the other 3 at the feet of Ganpati. Next day pick up all the modaks and throw them in the river. Do this remedy for 5 consecutive Wednesdays. If there is any Vastu defect at your workplace, then it will end. And your business will run smoothly as before.

If the radix is ​​4, then this problem comes

Girijesh Jha writes from Madhuvani in Bihar that the person whose radix number is 4, then how is his behavior.

Answer- If the person whose radix number is 4, then that person knows how to evaluate perseverance, efficiency and hard work correctly! Such a person learns a lot from challenges only. Such a person believes in living a realistic life. Such a person does not like small position, small business and small work. Seeing the reputation of this person, friends also become enemies. With the dignity of your personality, you can impress other people very quickly. Such a person develops the ability to mold himself according to the circumstances.

Jyotish Upay If some problem persists in the office then

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