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What is the Reason of Jen Hatmaker Divorce and How Many Children They Have?

Jen Hatmaker, an author, and motivational speaker made headlines in 2020 for reasons unconnected to her best-selling books: her divorce. Even years after Jen and her ex-husband Brandon Hatmaker split, fans are still curious about the details.

So, what led to Jen’s divorce? Continue reading to learn about Jen’s dating history and how it led to her breakup with Brandon. Let’s start the article with the introduction of Jen Hatmaker exactly who is she?

Who is Jen Hatmaker?

Brandon Hatmaker, the co-founder of Austin New Church and Legacy Collective, is the spouse of popular novelist Jen Hatmaker. Jen Hatmaker’s husband is Brandon Hatmaker. The pair married in 1993 and they have five children.

Jen Hatmaker divorce

They also formed the Austin New Church in Austin, Texas, as well as Legacy Collective, a community foundation aimed at finding sustainable housing, preventing child trafficking, and providing health care, among other things. After several years of marriage, the pair divorced.

Jen had penned a nice post praising her marriage with Brandon and the days they had spent together just 10 weeks before announcing the split.

Why Did Jen Hatmaker For A Divorce?

Jen did indicate that the family was in difficulty, but she did not anticipate a divorce. The pair did not specify why they divorced. Because they were secretive about their affair, fans created rumors and hypotheses, the most common of which was Brandon’s extramarital affair and Jen’s support of the LGBT+ community clashing with the church board.

Jen Hatmaker divorce

Jen implored her fans not to throw words into the air after the allegations spread, and that the reasons for the divorce were theirs alone. Her admirers also inundated Brandon with inquiries, threats, and requests for information about the divorce.

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He requested that people refrain from interfering in his life and instead wait for updates. He stated that he will announce the new projects soon, but please refrain from inquiring about the divorce.

Jen updated her fans on her life with emotional emails and photos. She is currently in Bar Harbor, Maine, with her two best friends, Megan and Lisa. She’s making new memories, reading new books, and taking care of her body. She also revealed that she met a new boyfriend at camp and that she is really happy with him.

When Did They Get Divorce?

Jen and Brandon’s divorce was finalized in September 2020. Jen begged her fans and followers to pray for them and to respect their privacy in a Facebook post. She expressed her shock and heartbreak to everyone. They were not expecting a divorce.

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People are being asked to preserve their right to privacy while also refraining from making divorce reports public. She thanked everyone for their kindness and begged for safety and energy to heal and rebuild.

Do Brandon and Jennifer Hatmaker Have Any Children?

Sydney, Caleb, and Gavin are their biological children, and Remy and Ben are their adopted children. When they were in Ethiopia, they adopted Remy and Ben. Jen is always there for her children and is never afraid to defend them.

The couple starred on the reality television show “My Big Family Renovation” with their five children. The episode centered on the family’s efforts to repair their home and strengthen their bonds. Brandon Hatmaker is the pastor of the Austin New Church in addition to his reality TV roles. The couple was the church’s leader and ran the religious establishment jointly.

Jen Hatmaker divorce

Jen has booted off the church board when she made public her opinions on same-sex marriage and expressed complete support and respect for the LGBT+ community. Her reputation as a Christian author and speaker suffered when she began denouncing Donald Trump and his policies.

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Jen Hatmaker’s daughter, Sydney, came out as a lesbian, and Jen has been very supportive of her. She also invited Sydney to speak on her podcast, ‘For the Love,’ about her experiences. Her daughter spoke openly about her issues with accepting her sexuality and the confusion she experienced.

She told how she knew she liked girls but pretended to be straight. Jen fully supports her daughter and does not want to change anything. Her acceptance does not sit well with the Christian community, causing her to be removed from the church board and nearly lose her fans and career.

Final Words

Longtime fans of the author were surprised to learn of Jen and Brandon’s divorce because Brandon has played an important role in her public career and accomplishments since they began dating. After their 1993 wedding, the couple had five children: Sydney Beth, Ben, Gavin, Remy, and Caleb.

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