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It has been told that how much work the MLAs have done in 5 years and how much budget has been used.

Now, as the assembly elections are approaching, it is important to know how many MLAs have worked and budget spent during the last 5 years, how many MLAs were present in the assembly session and how many problems they solved and How many issues were discussed. ADR has prepared and released the report of sitting MLAs of Gujarat Legislative Assembly regarding the issues.

During the period 2018 to 2022, bills worth Rs 1004.15 crore were passed from the Local Area Development Fund, out of which Rs 677.5 crore has been spent. The Bill was passed for 53,029 works, but 404.28 of them have been completed. According to statistics, 76 per cent of the work has been completed. In other words, at the end of 5 years, the MLA would have lost Rs 600 crore without using it.

The winning MLAs are expected to appear in the legislature and ask some important questions of their area but you will be surprised that less than 95% of the legislators have participated in less than 50 debates. Many MLAs do not even come in the debate. In terms of percentage, 36 percent of the MLAs have been present in the debate less than 10 times.

The names of Nitin Patel, Bhupendrasinh Chudasama and Pradeepsinh Jadeja have been included in the legislature. He has spoken in the legislature most of the time. On the other hand, Congress’s Paresh Dhanani, Pratap Dudhat and Shailesh Parmar have been seen speaking in the assembly most of the time. 11 BJP MLAs and 5 Congress MLAs have been declared uninteresting in the assembly.

Let us tell you that BJP MLA Virendra Singh Jadeja Purushottam Solanki has joined the discussion only once. BJP’s Raman Patel, Suresh Patel, Kuber Dindor, Piyush Desai and Mahesh Rawal have the highest attendance in the assembly, while the names of Dr. Anil Joshiara, Kirit Patel, Virji Thummar, Hrithik Makwana, Imran Khedawala and Himmatsinh Patel have been announced. . Congress.

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