December 2, 2022
Is your train canceled today?  Know the list of canceled trains before leaving home
Is your train canceled today Know the list of canceled

There are many transportation options in the country. One of these options is the railways. Every day lakhs of people travel by railways in the country. People give great priority to railways for long distance travel and cheap travel. However, it has also been observed that sometimes there are delays in traveling by railways. It can happen for many reasons. Sometimes some trains get canceled, due to which people have to face a lot of trouble. Even today, the Railways has canceled many trains and their schedules have been changed.

Indian Railways takes steps to improve the Railways from time to time. However, rail operations are disrupted due to bad weather, technical issues, track repairs etc. Due to which many trains have been cancelled. Apart from this, sometimes the routes of trains are also diverted. At the same time, sometimes the schedule of trains also changes.

Many trains have been canceled in the country today. A total of 203 trains have been cancelled. Out of these, 158 trains have been completely canceled and 45 trains have been partially cancelled. Apart from this, the schedule of some trains has been changed and diverted. Out of these, the timing of 5 trains has been changed, while the route of 2 trains has been changed.

Information about which trains have been canceled in the country today Available from this link. Also, click on this link for information about which trains have been diverted or rescheduled today.,

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