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Is Your Gmail Account Filled With Junk Email? Get rid of this trick in a pinch

Is your Gmail account flooded with junk email Remove in a pinch with this trick

Gmail is the most widely used. This is the most popular e-mail service. It has more than one billion users. The account receives hundreds of mails a day. If there is no time, it cannot be erased and thousands of mails get accumulated on seeing it.

Is Your Gmail Account Filled With Junk Email? Get rid of this trick in a pinch

Many of them are spam mails. Many mails also come with heavy files that take up extra memory. Let us tell you that Google gives up to 15GB of storage to its Gmail users. To get more storage than this, you will have to pay for the service. Today we will tell you how you can delete unnecessary emails in a pinch.

How do I clean up my Gmail inbox with this mass delete trick?

Open a Gmail account. Type “has: attachment large: 10M” on the search bar. It will get matches above 10 MB. If you want to delete a large file, you can write any number instead of 10. You can delete unwanted mails by going to Gmail’s search result. Go to the Trash section and empty it. To delete old mail, type the name of the sender in the search bar. After all the mails have arrived, you can delete them.

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For this, first unsubscribe from unnecessary e-mails. Delete old email. Keep in mind that it takes a few days for mail to stop after you unsubscribe.

Once there go to your Google Photos library. Look which picture is blurry. Which picture is duplicate? Delete these photos.

If you have a lot of data to scan, you can quickly create a Gmail account. You can use this account for photos. In this way your stress will be greatly reduced.

If your phone has 256GB or 512GB storage, you can take your photos here.

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