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Is Tiktok happening again in India? This will become the medium of the local company, know the full news.

New Delhi, Tech Desk. Many creators were very impressed after the government shut down Tiktok in India. The Indian government has banned Tiktok citing national security threats. However, things may change now as the owners of TikTok are looking for new partners in India. According to media reports, Bytedance is in talks with Hiranandani Group to relaunch its video sharing platform in India.

Hiranandani Group is the largest real estate developer in India with projects in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. The real estate company also operates a data center under Yotta Infrastructure Solutions. They have recently launched a technology based customer service arm-Speed ​​platform. According to media reports, the talks between the two companies are still in the early stages. However, no formal talks have taken place with the government so far. But they have been informed about the project. Whenever they come to the government for approval, the government will examine their request.

However, it is not clear whether the Indian government will allow the Chinese-powered app to be relaunched in India after long-standing issues with China. Tiktok has been banned due to security reasons. The video sharing platform was found to be storing personal data of Indian users. It was alleged by Indian security experts that the data collected was shared with government outlets in China. The government has decided this time that if Tiktok comes back to the country, it will have to follow Indian laws and guidelines.

Let us tell you that the user base of Tiktok in India was huge. It was one of the largest markets outside China. In 2019, the video platform was the most downloaded application on the Android platform in India. It was used not only for recreational purposes but also to provide employment opportunities to people from different walks of life and outside their backgrounds.

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