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Is there really a plan to raise the dead? This company keeps the corpse safe by taking so much money

Is it possible to bring a dead person to life in today’s world? The answer is no, it is not possible today but some scientists claim by looking at the development of today’s technology that there are many possibilities in the future in which it will be possible to revive a dead person. Based on this claim, a company has developed a technology to protect the human body for a long time.

According to a report, an Australian company has developed a high-tech freezer. Its headquarter is in Sydney. The company uses its own cryogenic freezer and protects people’s bodies. When a scientist develops a technique to bring the dead back to life, these people will be able to come back to the world.

According to the company, customers have to pay Rs 15.15 lakh, after which they keep the body safe. If we talk about Indian Rupee then this value is 1.16 crores. According to the company, when they get the money, they immerse the body in nitrogen and store it in a steel chamber at a temperature of minus 200 degrees Celsius.

The company currently has storage facilities for 40 bodies. Most of which are reserved for the company’s founders. They are expanding the project and preparing to add 600 new locations.

The company follows a hi-tech process to store the dead bodies. It doesn’t harm zombies and makes it easy to resurrect. However they do not guarantee a refund or refund.

Although this is not the first time. The Cryonics Society of California ran a similar scheme before 1970. But then when the company ran out of money, they left 9 dead bodies to rot. Due to which the relatives of the deceased have filed a case against the company.

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